Construction access management to Beech House – update

We understand that from today till 28 April Winvic will use a traffic marshall / spotter on the junction of Lime Walk and All Saints Road to assist with lorries turning in to All Saints Road and marshall pedestrians on the junction as and when required. The marshall will check lorries and turn away any unauthorised deliveries so there should be no more low loaders or other vehicles arriving at unauthorised times at the site and being turned back. This should reduce the amount of turning vehicles in Latimer Road and stop vehicles turning into/out of the Brambles or blocking driveways.

We are still awaiting the planning decision on whether to accept a revised construction access plan.

Beech House construction traffic in Highfield

We have been contacted by a number of residents with concerns about the high volume of construction vehicles in various streets in Highfield. Residents have reported queues of construction vehicles in Latimer Road, a low loader in Stapleton Road, blocked access to driveways, use of a private road for construction vehicles turning and damage to trees.

The original construction access route approved with the planning consent specified entry and exit via London Road. London Road is now closed for three weeks for the energy pipe trench work. An application was sent to the City Council Planning Dept last week requesting alternative access to the site. There was recognition that this would entail the use of smaller vehicles. Councillors have not been sent a copy of this document so we don’t yet know the exact details.

The process for this type of variation application is for the planning officer to send out the revised scheme to County Council depts. for comment before making an informed decision under delegated authority.

The decision on whether or not to grant consent has not yet been made as comments are still being collated.

Until planning consent is given for a revised access plan,  we are advised that access to the site other than via London Road is technically a breach of condition of planning consent. It is possible to request investigation by the Planning Enforcement team if a breach of condition can be substantiated. In the light of the above complaints from residents, both Ruth and Highfield Residents’ Association have made a request for enforcement action.  We are awaiting a formal response from the City Council and will post it up on this site when we get it.

Ruth and Altaf have also written separately to the planning case officer to make sure that the impact on residents and particularly the safety of childen and families on their way to school is fully taken into account when the delegated decision is made on whether the revised plan should go ahead, and to ask for the County Networks Team to re-consider any comments they may already have made to reflect the experiences of today.

Frontier has sent the following statement following a full and frank discussion regarding construction traffic to/from the Winvic Beech House site.

We have spoken but to confirm I have spoken with our team and can report as follows:

The low loader that came today had not been booked and Winvic had no knowledge of its arrival. The vehicle has been removed and will not be returning to site and the contractor involved has been severely reprimanded.

There have been 2 lorries on Latimer Road and one is a stationary stud welding vehicle and needs positioning to carry out work. It will only be there today and will not be returning. The other deliveries are being called in as required.

Winvic are in touch with [redacted] at Oxfordshire and he is fully aware of what we have in place to manage construction traffic while the energy works are being carried out and the Construction Traffic Management Plan has been updated accordingly.

I can assure you that we will keep working to make sure our scheme runs smoothly with minimum disruption to the community. Please do let us know if there are any other issues.

Update from Winvic on Latimer Road build (aka Beech House)

We asked for a newsletter to be sent out for residents and here it is (dated today) from Steve Hatch, the Project Manager.

My intentions are to keep all stakeholders aware of what is happening on site at present and a 4 week look ahead. Currently on site the civil works are continuing to form the basement to the project which entails quite detailed construction methods,   once the civil works are complete the steel frame to the building will commence from the 14th of November with the aid of a luffing tower carne to be installed on the 05.09.16, once the steel frame has been installed the floor slabs will be poured which will commence on the 21.01.17 with the aid of a concrete pump which will be sited within the compound, from the end of feb the external cladding, brickwork, windows etc will commence with the fit out internally commencing alongside the external works,      


Progress to date

     Completion of secant and load bearing piles

       Bulk excavation ongoing

       Cropping of piles

       Installation of temp haul road

       Installation of concrete blinding to basement



Work to be progressed over the next 4 weeks:


       Complete bulk excavation

       Commence installation of water proofing system to basement

       Ongoing concrete blinding to basement prior to water proofing system

       Commence installation of pile caps

       Commence excavation for attenuation tank base

       Install attenuation tank base

       Commence capping beams to grid lines A1 and 1

       Integrity tests to piles


Update on works at Beech House (corner of Latimer Road)

Here are unconfirmed notes taken from yesterday’s meeting of the developers/construction company with the community. We are finding it progressively more difficult to help co-ordinate building works  in what appears to be an absence of any work schedule for the Access to Headington project. We are bombarding the County Council’s A2H team with requests for information on what will happen when!

Issues so far

  • Latimer Grange residents very upset by noise from piling work RW. Piling work will stop on Friday, machinery will be removed Mon/Tues next week
  • Start times adjusted following complaint from RW
  • Complaint from RW re car in Latimer Grange private space into which a worker on site had driven into at speed and parked displaying a notice “car broken, waiting AA” had been resolved by site manager
  • County Networks had complained the road needed wetting and cleaning, this has been done
  • Winvic staff very helpful in helping elderly residents cross the road (McMaster House and RW)

Current situation

  • Had met Planners this morning, useful meeting. Need to look at resolving some issues incl. ramp from London Road entrance – concerns about tree roots, bin storage areas, waiting for reply from Headington School re fins/window treatments
  • Promised to reinstate pavement for McMaster House – have already tarmacked the other side and McMaster House warmly appreciative
  • Promised to sort out the half-block wall outside which now looks unattractive

Outstanding issues

  • Contribution towards Latimer Grange barrier ready to be made but don’t know who is going to do the work. (RW chase Hastoe Housing Association manager)
  • Newsletters have ceased after the one in May, site manager will issue a brief sheet explaining what has been done so far and what will happen over the next 4 weeks

Likely timetable

  • For the following 6-8 weeks, Cairncross will deal with ‘civil works’ within the curtilage
  • Storm water drain connection will necessitate works in London Road. Likely to be Jan/Feb but plans still to be drawn up
  • Co-working in close proximity with other major projects needs to be more joined up  (RW chase County again for Access to Headington plan and speak to County Networks about tie-ing in works with Vital Energi if the pipe application gets consent)
  • Drainage/sewerage issues – existing pipework may be insufficient diameter, certainly in Latimer Road and Brookside (RW asking Drainage team for advice before contacting Thames Water)
  • Tower crane needed end Oct/early Nov. Jib needs to be assembled in 36m of space before attaching to mast. There may not be enough room on site to do this so likely to ask Networks for road and footway closure at top of Latimer Road on a Saturday (date to be confirmed, could be beg. November)

Contacts on site

  • Site Manager is going on holiday 17/8
  • Mick Walsh taking over rest of this week, we have his contact number
  • He goes on holiday for Bank Holiday week so there will be a relief manager sent there for the 3 working days of that week, details not yet known. Mick will inform stakeholders

All questions to Ruth (RW) please.

First newsletter about Beech House development (Latimer Road student accommodation)

We have received the first newsletter from Winvic and reproduce it in full for our residents’ information.


MAY 2016

Project title – Beech House, Latimer Road, Oxford, OX3 7PF Project duration – 59 Weeks

Current Week No. -1


Winvic have been appointed to construct the Beech House student accommodation development on Latimer Road, Oxford.

The project comprises of the demolition works to 4 existing dwellings inclusive of external walls and garden sheds.

A temporary heras fence will be installed to the perimeter of site to allow the external walls to be demolished to allow the permanent timber hoarding to be installed.

The main development consists of the construction of a five storey Student Accommodation ground with basement & a 4 storey Residential Accommodation in a separate apartment block, adjacent to main development.

The main elements of the development will consist of secant piling and tanking works to the basement, steel frame, brick work, render, external windows and roof works.

Works and phasing will take into account the neighbourhood and congestion.



We will keep you regularly updated on the status of the works with a monthly newsletter, however should you have any queries or concerns regarding the project please do not hesitate to contact our Project Manager, Nick Lakin 077209 71948.


The associated Demolition works for the Project are due to commence on site during week commencing 31st May 2016.

However, the initial works which comprise of the erection of temporary Fencing to allow the boundary walls to be removed and the installation of the permanent timber hoarding are due to commence during week commencing 23rd May 2016.

Throughout our works we will liaise closely with the surrounding Businesses and Residents and issue regular newsletters highlighting our forthcoming works.

  • Vehicular traffic will be monitored and major deliveries booked in to minimise any disruption caused to local businesses and close neighbours.
  • Site logistic plans will be posted at the front of site and updated within the newsletters.
  • Dust and noise will be monitored throughout our works working closely with the local authorities to manage our construction works as efficiently as possible.

Nick Lakin

Project Manager
Winvic Construction Ltd
Brampton House, 19 Tenter Road Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6PZ

T +44 (0)1604 678960 F +44 (0)1604 671021 E

  • At Winvic we believe in working closely with community to minimise any disturbance our works may cause and will be enrolling in the considerate constructor’s scheme to ensure only the highest standards are achieved.


As another element of our quality control, we aim to reduce the impact of our work on the neighbours by following the codes of practice set out in the Considerate Constructors Scheme [CCS], to which all Winvic projects are entered. This automatically measures how we deal with public questions and complaints.


Student numbers in Oxford

Latest figures released to us show that:

Oxford’s two universities – Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford – between them had over 32,000 students enrolled for fulltime study in 2014/15 according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. Just over 11,000 more students were enrolled for parttime study, a significant portion of whom were studying a modular course rather than a full degree. Not all of these students were living in the city or even studying in it – Oxford Brookes, for example, has three campuses outside the city and some of its students study at franchise organisations elsewhere.
Since the 2000/01 academic year the total number of students has grown at both universities, but in different ways. At Brookes the full-time undergraduate population was 2,500 larger by 2007/08, with little growth since. At the University of Oxford the full-time undergraduate population has changed little in size, whereas the number of full-time postgraduates has grown by 3,000.

Latimer Road application

The application to demolish residential houses at 36, 38, and 40 London Road and 2 Latimer Road and erect 167 student study rooms etc and 4 maisonettes was refused by East Area Planning Committee this evening on grounds associated with planning policies CP1, CP8. CP12 and CS18

We now wait to see if this application will be called in to the Planning Review Committee which would need the support of 12 councillors

The next scheduled meeting of the Planning Review Committee is 23/12/15 at 6.00pm at the Town Hall

The applicant has agreed to include funding for a parking barrier in Latimer Grange subject to agreement with Hastoe.








Revised plans published for student blocks in Latimer Road

The Frontier amended plans are now on the website. The original application was for 175 students, but amended plans cite 167, see below.
15/00858/FUL | Demolition of residential houses at 36, 38 and 40 London Road and 2 Latimer Road. Erection of 167 student study rooms and ancillary facilities on 4 and 5 levels plus basement, together with 2 x 2-bed and 2 x 3-bed maisonettes. Provision of 4 car parking spaces, 88 cycle parking spaces, landscaped areas and ancillary works. (Amended description, amended plans and additional information) | 36 38 40 London Road And 2 Latimer Road Headington Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 7PA
There is some delay time while the link loads as there are more than 400 documents  associated with this application
The end date for comments by residents and neighbours is now 29th October and the application will be determined by the East Area Planning Committee no earlier than Wed 2nd December

Latest planning news

The latest planning applications have been uploaded here.

They relate to properties in Gardiner Street, Staunton Road, Windmill Road and the JR.

Ruth has called in the application to build student housing and maisonettes on the junction of Latimer Road and London Road for adjudication by East Area Planning Committee.

And just to show that repeated applications do get through eventually, the St Leonard’s Road one has been given delegated approval.


Demolition of existing store. Erection of 1 x 2-bed dwelling (Use Class C3).

Store Adjacent 79 St Leonard’s Road


Erection of a first floor side and rear extension.

190 Headley Way Oxford

Brookes community relations update

Oxford Brookes University has sent councillors the following update.

1. Student Community Warden Scheme

This year we have a team of 16 Student Community Wardens, one of which takes on the role of Team Leader. The activities they have been involved with so far are training, the implementation of the House Champion Scheme and dealing with disputes. They continue to work closely with the Council and Thames Valley Police. Following the activities from Semester 1, the Student Community Wardens continue to conduct walkabouts in the areas which are densely populated with our students. This involves door knocking to:

 provide advice to local residents, including student residents regarding living in the community.

 provide local residents an opportunity to talk about issues such as litter, car parking, anti-social behaviour and noise.

 distribute packs to all student households; giving advice from the Council on managing their waste

2. The House Champion Scheme

The House Champion Scheme is a joint initiative with the two universities, council and police working to provide key communication to student properties and encourage them to nominate one student as a House Champion. We are targeting houses in East Oxford and Gipsy Lane Estate. The scheme has been positively received by students and we have over 200 nominated House Champions. This semester, now that we have a large number of House Champions in place, we have developed a programme of communication, which takes the form of a monthly bulletin. This bulletin is sent via email to all the House Champions with key messages from the council, police and universities. There is also the offer of a free gift each month. These messages and gifts will act as a reminder to the students of their role as House Champion and hopefully encourage them to participate in the scheme should it continue in future years.

3. Complaints Report

Since the beginning of this academic year, September 2014, we have received a total of 98 complaints which is lower than last year as we had received 131 complaints by the end of February 2014.

In line with previous years the majority of complaints received have been regarding noise, with 68 of the total 98 (69%). The percentage of noise complaints compared to other categories of complaints is higher 69% up from 66% last year. Anti-social behaviour complaints are on a par with last year at 15 (same as last year), parking complaints have gone down from 15 last year to 8 this year. The litter complaints have also significantly decreased from 14 last year to 7 this year. The majority of complaints which were confirmed as involving Brookes students were resolved in the initial stages, 13 had to be taken to second stage (which is down from 22 last year) and two cases were referred for disciplinary action, which is down from the four referred to disciplinary at the same time last year