Manor Ground development: work starts next Monday

Ruth joined around 20 local residents at the meeting held by Green Square and Feltham Construction on 12 January. We discussed the new development of 27 flats, and more specifically how much extra construction traffic will be in and out of the site, at what times, and how noise and disruption can be minimised

Andy will be the site manager, and his name and mobile phone number will be displayed on the signage at the junction of London Road and the Manor Hospital delivery road from Monday 16 January.

The duration of the works will be 43 weeks. The schedule for works is still being finalised. Next Monday there will be one delivery from two different lorries with essential workplace units and groundworks will start next Wednesday. A crane will be located on site for some of the works. Timber frames will start to go up in late April/early May and the outside of the building is scheduled to take five weeks.

Construction will take place between 07.30 and 17.00 Monday to Friday with no weekend working (except in emergency) but vans will arrive on site from 07.00. Contractors have been advised to avoid delivering to the site between 08.00-09.00 and after 15.00

Access to and from the site

The private road from London Rd (next to Shell garage) will be made two way -access will be supervised by a Feltham employee.  It will be used by hospital delivery vehicles IN as normal,  by all construction vehicles IN and will be used OUT by any construction vehicle that cannot exit the site via Osler Rd. Special procedures will be put in place when very large vehicles enter the site, and the route for incoming works traffic will be from the Green Road roundabout down London Road.

Concerns raised by residents are being addressed. If any resident believes that sub-contractors are parking outside the site in their residential street they should report this to Andy in the first instance. If these issues are not resolved, or if vehicles are continuing to park illegally in neighbouring roads such as Beech Road or Osler Road, please inform Ruth and David and we will press for further action.

Ruth queried the egress of construction traffic (white vans) from the Osler Road exit as there is already traffic congestion and a history of near misses. Green Square are asking Feltham to come up with a scheme that restricts egress of construction traffic out of this exit – one possible solution is for all site traffic to exit the site between certain times via the private road, supervised by the site manager. We will keep you updated on this.

We have ensured the police, County Parking, Highways, the JR, and the bus services have been informed. If you would like further notes of the meeting please let us know, we will be contacting neighbours shortly to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.