Latimer Road – the sorry saga continues

The latest news on the surfacing, signing and lining in Latimer Road following the works done by Winvic is depressing for residents.

We are advised as follows.

A new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has been prepared for Latimer Road – the development at Beech House has prompted some changes in the old one. The new TRO is in place but can’t be enforced until the construction site has been vacated.

The County Council and Winvic made a verbal agreement that Winvic would make good the road surfaces/kerbs damaged by construction vehicles at the end of the project. Since that time there has been a succession of site managers at the Latimer Road site, and the exact nature of the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ is now being challenged. There is email correspondence to show the agreement was made, and there are many many photographs on file showing damage being incurred.

The agreement was to resurface the part of Latimer Road from London Road down to just past the Latimer Grange access road, ready for re-lining in accordance with the TRO.

There was a slight mix-up last weekend – the lining team could not do scheduled work, found out that there had been large numbers of complaints on Fix My Street about Latimer Road, and re-lined Latimer Road but in line with the old TRO. This has led to some confusion.

The lines will be re-done when the road has been resurfaced, and the resurfacing of the road cannot happen until the company agrees the cost of reparation with the County Council. At the moment, an offer has been made which is short of the amount specified in the County quote. Once those discussions are resolved (the matter is currently being considered by Winvic directors) then the work can go ahead, the lining can be re-done in line with the new TRO, signage will be put up and parking can then be enforced. But clearly we don’t yet know when that will be.

This is a matter of great concern to councillors and residents, and we are doing all we can do expedite its resolution.





Access to Headington – latest news from County Council

The County Council is still waiting for additional funding to be approved.

In the meantime they are still looking to get preparatory works completed to reduce the level of disruption when works start in earnest. With that in mind they want to continue some off-peak working on the islands outside the JR access on Headley Way.

They are aiming to turn their attention to the roundabout this time. Key points to note:

  • Working off-peak weekdays (Mon 12 Feb – Fri 16 Feb9:30 – 3:30.
  • This will take advantage of the reduced demand due to half term and mean they get the most difficult pieces done when fewer people are travelling.
  • Temporary lights will be on during the posted times
  • A temporary roundabout will be reinstated after works are completed.

The Slade

Significantly less work has been going on over the last few days. Overnight temperatures need to be higher in order that materials can properly cure and allow the line markings and anti-skid to last as long as possible.

Closure of part of Lime Walk 15-19 January

The scheduled Thames Water work is to the fire hydrant which is located on the pinch point in Lime Walk near the junction with All Saints Road, TW has to “re-do the valves”
The bit of Lime Walk next to the buildout will be closed for works from 15-19 January in principle, but the work may be completed inside three days – that extra time is allowed for ad hoc technical/engineering problems
So from Monday, access from Old Road to Lime Walk will be signed “Access to frontages only. No through road” and it will be a dead end just before the buildout. No parking slots should be affected.
Those accessing Lime Walk from London Road will see diversion signs from Monday morning and the diversion signs will be back up at the All Saints junction advising traffic to divert via Stapleton or Bickerton Roads.
We are trying to find out how many houses have been letter-dropped by Thames Water and have advised Highfield Residents’ Association

Latest Access to Headington update

Here is the latest from County about the Access to Headington scheme.

The Slade

We have now completed the work between the mini roundabout at Hollow Way and Wood Farm Road and we are looking to complete the current phase of work between Wood Farm Road and Slade Close before Christmas.

We will start the last phase after Christmas between Slade Close and Old Road – this will take approximately four weeks to complete.

Traffic management will remain in place over the Christmas period, though we will remove as much as we can. Daily safety checks will be carried out


Churchill Drive/Roosevelt Drive 

We are working in the final phase of this set of works and are on schedule to complete the main construction work before Christmas. There may be some minor work to do after Christmas but this will be minor and will cause little disruption.

The majority of the traffic management will be removed over the Christmas period however Churchill Drive will remain as access only and traffic leaving the Churchill site will continue to be diverted via Roosevelt Drive. The permanent traffic lights on Old Road have been switched on this week.


Headley Way

The team will start setting up begin on Tuesday 16th January, but this should not be disruptive to traffic. Construction work will start on Tuesday 23rd January. Information on programme of work will follow early January.

We are going to be holding a public exhibition on Thursday 14th December at the Heading Prep School between 2:30pm and 6:30pm. This is an opportunity to speak to members of the project team from the County Council, Skanska and the Designers. All aspects of the project remain the same as per the last public exhibition held in the Summer and all drawings can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website.


Christmas Shut Down

All work will cease on Friday 22nd December for the Christmas period. Work will begin again on Tuesday 2nd January. Traffic management will remain in place during the closure for safety reasons. Regular safety checks will be made.

Kennett Road may re-open this afternoon

No obvious leakage has been found by workmen digging into the hole as far as the pipes.  Apparently the ground is quite sandy once the road surface is broken into.
There is no obvious reason for this hole to have appeared, so the issue is considered to be resolved. The sub-soil has been replaced and the road has been reconstructed with two layers of tarmac.
Today they will top surface it, and then a curing period will be needed before anyone can drive over it.
The network supervisor is hoping that the road may be re-opened this afternoon and certainly by the peak period for traffic.

UPDATE: Kennett Road now open again

Kennett Road sink hole

We have sent the following email to Kennett Road residents.

Dear all

Thanks to all residents for alerting us to this pothole.

I asked the Highways Technician to sort this out, he sent down a team to give it a temporary fix but this failed. I contacted him again and he arranged to inspect the site- his concern was that if the temp fix had failed, then this was likely to be a sink hole and not a pothole. That would require the Highways Authority to call in Thames Water to assess it.

The inspection was done and Thames Water were called in. What happens in this scenario is that if any accidents happen meantime due to a sink hole, then claims need to be made to Thames Water.

Yesterday night I received a number of messages from various residents saying the sink hole was getting bigger so I called in the out of hours service to make it safe, but this is still a temporary fix.

Here is the advice sent to us this morning by the network supervisor at the Council:

We had a crew attended site last night and made safe again, I have contacted TW once again, and they have said they have carried out a CCTV survey and have denied that it’s their responsibility.

We will monitor this in the short term and will arrange for a team to attend site and carry out some investigation work,  but I’m not convinced they have done a complete survey and have asked for the survey report, as I don’t want to spend tax payers money and resources on a TW assets. If we find out it is there issue I will look at recovering the cost

The annoying thing when ownership of a problem is disputed is that the situation can take longer to get resolved. Altaf and I will keep pushing on this to try to get as fast a solution as possible, but in the meantime we would be grateful if you could contact us if you think the hole is once again becoming unsafe. Putting it bluntly, if the first temporary fix didn’t work, this one won’t either, so we need to watch this closely.

Just wanted to keep you updated

Regards, Ruth and Altaf



Temporary overnight closures of Old Road

Here is the latest from the County Council



Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, that the Oxfordshire County Council 


 LOCATION:          Oxford, Headington, Old Road        

 REASON:             To facilitate carriageway improvement works  

DURATION:          Night works starting on 30 October 2017 (8pm – 5am)

The anticipated completion date is 3 November 2017

(Traffic Regulation Notices cover a maximum of 5 consecutive days.)

PLEASE NOTE Although the closures are scheduled for 5 nights, the work is probably going to take less time than this – extreme weather conditions have been factored in.                                                                               

ACCESS:             Limited access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for frontages within the closed section of road, subject to the progress of the works

 SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Roosevelt Drive – Gipsy Lane – A420 – Windmill Road – Old Road & vice-versa.

A map of the works area (part of the Access to Headington scheme) may be viewed below.

Access to Headington: works affecting Old Road, Churchill Drive, Roosevelt Drive

Here is the letter sent to all residents in the area by the County Council

Dear Sir/ Madam

Re: Access to Headington – Churchill Drive, Old Road and Roosevelt Drive

We wanted to let you know that on 11th September we will begin work on Churchill Drive and it’s junction with Old Road.

The work involves installing traffic lights at the junction as well as re-aligning parts of the footway. We will also be doing small amounts of work at the Roosevelt Drive/Churchill Drive junction. The work is programmed to take 15 weeks to complete.

Over the first 9 weeks of the project we will be working mainly on Old Road under two-way temporary traffic lights. During this time Churchill Drive will be access only from Old Road, however emergency vehicles will also be able to exit onto Old Road from Churchill Drive. All other vehicles will be diverted via Roosevelt Drive.

Lime Walk will also be partially closed over the first 9 weeks. Vehicles will be able to access Lime Walk from Old Road but those wishing to exit onto Old Road will have to do so via Stapleton Road. We will be suspending 5 parking spaces on Lime Walk (spaces closest to Old Road) whilst we carry out the works around the junction.

We will be undertaking 1 weeks’ worth of night works (scheduled for week commencing 23rd October – subject to change) in order to carry out surfacing to the carriageway on Old Road. Night works take place between 8pm and 6am, though very noisy work will cease at 11pm as per our Section 61 agreement with Oxford City Council.

Once the work on Old Road has been complete, we will begin a short period of works to the junction of Roosevelt Drive/Churchill Drive. This involves some re-aligning of the kerbs as well as installation of cables under the road surface.

More information on this set of works and other sections of Access to Headington can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website at the following address You can also sign up to our regular e-bulletins at

The work will be carried out by Skanska Construction. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the project please contact our site project team at or you can call Oxfordshire County Council’s Customer Services team on 0845 310 1111.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your cooperation.