Further consultation on 20mph limits for Oxford

People are to be asked for their views on where 20mph speed limits
should go in Oxford as the county council starts a consultation
exercise on February 12.

In Autumn 2008, the people of Oxford were asked what they thought
about the idea of introducing 20mph speed limits in the city.
Two-thirds of people who responded were positive about the idea.

The county council now wants to know what people think of the detailed
plans in terms of which roads are to be included in the proposal and
which should remain excluded.

The proposals recommend that 20mph limits could be introduced in 2009 on:

Minor roads within the city including outlying areas such as Sandhills
Un-numbered through roads except where they are part of heavily-used
bus routes into the city, for example the section of Blackbird Leys
Road (north west of Balfour Road) and Barns Road (except for the
section immediately adjoining Between Towns Road), and Old Abingdon
Some sections of the main A roads and the B road network where there
are busy shopping areas, for example the London Road through Oxford
Brookes University/Headington and on parts of the B4495 through Temple

There are already a number of 20mph zones and limits in Oxford and
these would be incorporated into the wider project. The area of the
city centre that would be covered by the 20mph limit would be expanded

Radial routes such as:

Abingdon Road
Banbury Road (either side of Summertown)
Woodstock Road
Botley Road beyond Abbey Road
London Road either side of Brookes/Headington Shops
Iffley Road beyond Temple Street

would NOT be included.

Routes around the city such as:

the ring road
Oxpens Road/Thames Street
Marston Ferry Road
Donnington Bridge Road

would also NOT be part of the limit.
The Botley, Cumnor and North Hinksey areas will NOT be part of any
20mph plans with people from those areas having already stated that
they do not want to be part of the proposal.

The introduction of 20mph speed limits, which are designed to be
self-enforcing, can reduce accident levels, especially when associated
with traffic-calming measures. The 20mph limit would encourage more
walking and cycle trips and bring associated health benefits.

Consultation officially begins on February 12 and runs until March 5 .
You can find out more and have your say by:

Going to your local library in Oxford, viewing information about the
plans and filling in a response form. Participating libraries are
Blackbird Leys Cowley, Headington, Central Oxford and Summertown. The
same information will be available at receptions in County Hall and
the county council’s Speedwell Street headquarters.
Visiting Oxfordshire County Council’s website at
www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/20limits and filling in the same form.
Writing to the county council at Oxfordshire County Council, 20 Limit
Consultation, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, FREEPOST OF260,
Oxford, OX1 1BR .
Emailing 20@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Priority roads for building work in the next financial year

The following is a list of all the roads in the ward that City Works have advised need repairs and maintenance, and they are grouped in order of priority.  Don’t forget that the major roads like the London Road will not feature in this list as their repairs and maintenance are looked after directly by the County Council’s Highways Dept. I hope I haven’t missed any, it’s a very long list to scan for Headington road names!

These Estimates present the City Council’s proposed programme of works for carrying out in the year 2009-2010.The threshold for Assessed Maintenance schemes has been set at £6,000 by the County Council, so all complete schemes below this figure are funded from the General Maintenance estimates. The aggregate value of work within a street on the Named Schemes list will exceed £6,000 even if the value of any type of work in a street is less. The Estimates are prioritized according to need. Priorities are based on the following parameters:-

  1. Urgent work required to carry out structural repairs to eliminate an existing hazard.

  2. Medium priority structural repairs to prevent the occurrence of hazards

  3. Lower priority schemes to protect the structure from deterioration

Highways Act, 1990, Part IV, Section 42, Schedule 7 estimate Named Schemes (sorted by priority) Priorities 1,2 and 3 are collected and presented as named schemesPriority 9 is applied to works not achieving the £6,000 threshold.  

Street (Section) Description of work Value of work (£) 

Priority 1

  • BEECH ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 4,087.65
  • BEECH ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 4,448.32
  • BEECH ROAD Footway overlay 2,485.54
  • BEECH ROAD Footway overlay 2,284.01
  • BEECH ROAD Carriageway plane and resurface 13,296.63
  • GATHORNE ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 8,912.68
  • LARKINS LANE Carriageway heavy patching 1,195.67
  • LARKINS LANE Lift stone kerbs and relay with 30% new stone kerbs 8,790.71
  • OSLER ROAD Footway reconstruction 57,865.85 

Priority 2

  • FORTNAM CLOSE Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 2,244.20
  • FORTNAM CLOSE Footway overlay 1,603.52
  • FRANKLIN ROAD Carriageway concrete joint seal 683.24
  • FRANKLIN ROAD Carriageway macadam overlay of concrete 5,270.70
  • FRANKLIN ROAD Carriageway plane and resurface 25,062.91
  • FRANKLIN ROAD Footway overlay 13,542.84
  • GATHORNE ROAD Carriageway plane and resurface 10,133.75
  • HORWOOD CLOSE Carriageway plane and resurface 12,794.87
  • LATIMER ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 8,616.12
  • LATIMER ROAD Footway reconstruction 11,519.59
  • LATIMER ROAD Footway reconstruction 11,787.48
  • LATIMER ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 8,816.50
  • MARGARET ROAD Footway overlay 6,737.04
  • MARGARET ROAD Footway overlay 5,906.71
  • NEW HIGH STREET Carriageway plane and resurface 48,219.13
  • OLD HIGH STREET Carriageway Plane and resurface with minor patching 28,547.46
  • OLD HIGH STREET Footway overlay 1,275.75
  • OLD HIGH STREET (SW side and shops layby) Footway overlay 7,669.04
  • OLD ROAD (upper) Footway reconstruction 130,133.90
  • OLD ROAD (upper) Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 43,601.60
  • PIPER STREET Footway reconstruction 8,915.62
  • PIPER STREET Carriageway plane and resurface 3,727.36
  • STAUNTON ROAD Footway reconstruction 74,068.28
  • STEPHEN ROAD Carriageway plane and resurface 23,855.10
  • WINDSOR STREET  Carriageway plane and resurface 6,531.83
  • WINDSOR STREET Footway reconstruction 6,978.19 

Priority 3

  • BARRINGTON CLOSE Carriageway macadam overlay of concrete 9,504.54
  • BARRINGTON CLOSE Carriageway concrete joint seal 1,268.88
  • BICKERTON ROAD Footway overlay 2,505.51
  • BICKERTON ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 8,295.52
  • BICKERTON ROAD Footway overlay 7,523.80
  • BICKERTON ROAD Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 8,295.52
  • BROOKSIDE Carriageway plane and resurface 21,575.67
  • CUCKOO LANE FP 320/034 Footway overlay 8,523.10
  • ETHELRED COURT Carriageway plane and resurface 13,762.56
  • FORTNAM CLOSE Carriageway plane and resurface 14,515.20
  • FORTNAM CLOSE Carriageway concrete joint seal 627.47
  • GATHORNE ROAD Footway reconstruction 31,710.48
  • KENNETT ROAD Footway overlay 9,954.27
  • LAUREL FARM CLOSE Footway Deep clean of block paving and reseal 7,071.60
  • PERRIN STREET  Carriageway plane and resurface 16,138.75
  • STAPLETON ROAD Footway overlay 8,279.08
  • STAPLETON ROAD Footway overlay 1,379.84
  • STAUNTON ROAD (Headley Way to Woodlands Road)  Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 34,624.80
  • YORK ROAD Footway overlay 4,456.06
  • YORK ROAD Carriageway plane and resurface 8,246.55
  • YORK ROAD Footway overlay 2,965.46 

Priority 9

  • ALL SAINTS ROAD Footway overlay 2075.82  Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 1963.67
    BATEMAN STREET   Lift kerbs and lay new kerbs 2364.42 
    Footway overlay 714.13
  • CECIL SHARP PLACE Footway Deep clean of block paving and reseal 5438.16
  • CUCKOO LANE FP 320/035 Osler Road to Old High Street  Footway Overlay 2440.15
  • FP 320/036 (BURY KNOWLE PATH) North Place to London Road Footway overlay 4988.75
    GARDINER STREET  Footway overlay 519.25
  • LATIMER GRANGE Lift slab footway and reconstruct in macadam 1832.20
  • NORTH PLACE Footway stone slabs lift and relay 3971.60
  • NORTON CLOSE Footway overlay 2736.69
  • NURSERY CLOSE Footway overlay 1653.88
  • ST. ANDREWS LANE Carriageway heavy patching 5480.20
  • ST. ANDREWS ROAD  Footway Lift pitched stone footway and relay  1750.00
  • ST. ANNE’S ROAD Drainage gullies reconstruction  3142.62
  • WILBERFORCE STREET  Footway overlay 561.62
  • WILLIAM ORCHARD CLOSE Lift slab footway and lay modular paving 5461.93
  • WOODLANDS CLOSE Footway overlay 5523.26

Reminder: temporary closure of Sandfield Road

Just to remind everyone that the London Road entrance to Sandfield Road will be closed for one week from 4 December because of roadworks – signs are in place already.

Our latest information from the County Highways Dept indicates that the closure will be for three days only from 2 December in order for gas pipes to be laid. This information conflicts with the red and white sign at the end of the road and we are trying to find out why!