Westgate centre – facilities for the disabled

We have been following up concerns from residents who have mobility problems or other form of disability about facilities in the Westgate Centre and received the following information.

On the seating – we are constantly monitoring whether there is enough – there is a balance between comfortable space for moving around in and amount of seating. We have flexible seating made of moveable modules – sometimes there is some in storage if there are other things going on in the streets – sometimes we move it to where we receive feedback on where people would like to see it.

The number of lifts will not change now for obvious reasons– but we have been experiencing some difficulties in getting some of the lifts commissioned and operating smoothly since opening so we are working hard with the engineers to resolve this. Access consultants were involved in the number and position of lifts throughout the design development. There are lifts to all levels off Leiden Square at the very southern end, and off Middle Square where the centre becomes multi-level. There are also customer lift within the JLP store.

The Changing Places facility was accommodated exactly adjacent to the entrances to the customer toilets and now has a bin.

There are further customer toilets at the ground floor level through Westgate Social – including a disabled toilet. Signs have now been added to the glazing of Westgate Social. 

Disabled parking is not free at the Westgate car park – charges are the same for all users.

Obstruction caused by deliveries to Tesco

Residents in Stephen Road have understandably complained that lines of sight to London Road are sometimes obstructed by lorries delivering to Tesco and that this is a safety hazard. Sometimes the lorries park on double yellow lines or cross-hatching.

Lorry delivering to Tesco

Tesco Customer Services have sent the following reply to councillors:

I have been chasing this up with the store and Muller. Shift leader (redacted) has been helping us with this. It was explained to the driver a lot of times not to park where he was parking, but with no avail. [The shift leader] (redacted) contacted Muller and everything was explained. The drivers manager is now being spoken to and this problem is being dealt with. You should see the difference in the parking. 

Please let us know if you see this happening again as we now have a contact at Tesco to get this resolved.

Alcohol sales licence application by Savers: comments by Monday

Licence applications are published by Oxford City Council and hearings are held if there are any local objections.

The following application has been published:


Savers Health And Beauty Limited, 112 London Road

Application for a new premises licence: for a retail shop with the following licensable activity:

Sale of alcohol (off-sales only):
Monday to Saturday: 08:30 hours to 19:00 hours Sunday: 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours

Seasonal variations:
Finish time 21:00 hours Monday to Saturday 14th November to 24th December.

Non-standard timings:
Sunday Trading Law will be adhered to if hours restrictions (no more than 6 hours between 10:00 and 18:00) apply to these premises.

DEADLINE FOR REPRESENTATIONS TO BE RECEIVED (All representations must be made in writing): 27 February 2017


The Licensing Authority, Oxford City Council St Aldates Chambers, 109 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DS, or by email to: licensing@oxford.gov.uk

The deadline for comment is 27/2/17 which is only three days after the notification was given. We are asking the City Council why the deadline is so early, as those without email access will have difficulty posting back views by Monday

UPDATE deadline for comments now 20/3/17(error now corrected)

Is there enough space for plant stands at Headington Waitrose?

Waitrose would like to apply for a horticultural stand to the left of the supermarket entrance from the Headington Car Park, but some residents fear that plant displays and shoppers considering purchase may obstruct the walkway to the entrance.

We have arranged for a similar stand to be put up at 11:00 am on Wednesday 8 April. This should give anyone who can be free to attend a chance to see how much space such a unit takes up and how it fits into the space.

If you can help us test this out, please do come along and give us your views. We hope that some of our wheelchair-bound residents and those with mobility scooters will also give it a go!

The plant stand will look a bit like this


An application for a new cafe in London Road?

It’s all change in the London Road again and rumours are rife about an alliterative coffee shop company’s interest.

We have responded to complaints about the need for cleaning and one report of rats from what was the old Trade Exchange, but here is a new planning application:


Change of use from Retail (Use Class A1) to mixed use (Retail (Use Class A1) and Restaurant/cafe (Use Class A3)) at ground floor level.

112 London Road

Consultation deadline: 09/01/15 

Headington Tesco seeks sale of alcohol licence


Application for a New Premises Licence: The application is for the retail sale of alcohol (off sales only) Saturday to Sunday 06.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs.

Tesco Stores, 83A-85 London Road

The closing date for comments is 15 April 2014. All comments on this application should be sent in writing to:

The Licensing Authority, Oxford City Council St Aldates Chambers, 109 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DS,

or by email to: licensing@oxford.gov.uk

Saturday veg van for Headington

Cultivate VegVan
Corner of London Road and Old High Street, at Barclays Bank, 10am-4pm
Cultivate’s mobile shop, the VegVan, sells fresh, locally-produced food in and around Oxford. Come aboard for a full range of fresh, local, seasonal and organic fruit & veg, local honey, jams and preserves, free-range organic eggs from the University Farm, fairly-traded tea and coffee.
Find out more here

Saturday 29 March and every Saturday thereafter

Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s in Headington

David and Ruth are arranging to meet representatives from Tesco’s shortly and local residents have already received letters from the chain explaining that they are taking over premises at 83 London Road.

Ruth is attending a meeting with Sainsbury’s on Wednesday along with some local residents. This will be our first opportunity to meet the local store manager. There have been some issues with work done and inconsiderate parking by contractors employed by Sainsbury’s agents over the past 10 days but Sainsbury’s reacted quickly to complaints we passed onto them from Kennett Road residents; they issued instructions for unauthorised work to stop immediately and be made good, and have ensured inconsiderate parking on pavements by van drivers has stopped. There is another planning application in process by Sainsbury’s regarding air con louvres that we will quiz them about.

If you have any questions you would like us to ask either Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s at our meetings, please get in touch.

New alcohol sales licence application

It would seem that Headington is fast becoming a centre for the purchase of alcohol. After a 24/7 licence was granted to Londis under strict conditions, Morrison’s has been granted a licence for sale of alcohol from 06.00-midnight, and Sainsbury’s have an application in for alcohol sales between 07.00 and 23.00

Now we have a fresh licence application from Headington Food and Wine as follows:


Headington Food and Wine, 121 London Road

Application for a New Premises Licence: The application is for a shop requesting the sale of alcohol (off-sales only) Sunday to Saturday 08.00 hrs to 21.30 hrs.
The deadline for comments in writing is 22/08/13. If you want advice on licensing applications, please contact David or Ruth
The deadline for comments on the Sainsbury’s application is 7/8/13