What sites in Oxford can be built on?

There is an important set of documents to read for anyone interested in the viability of sites for housing or other economic use in Oxford. This is referred to as HELAA by planning policy officers. It will have significance when the Local Plan options document is compiled ready for consultation next summer.

Some sites have been identified as potentially acceptable for development, others not. Those with concerns about Ruskin Fields and the golf course will find it useful.

HELAA is publicly available on the City Council’s website and you can download the appendix by clicking this link.

Latest on the proposed development on Ruskin Fields

Officers have proposed not to include the site within either the Sites and Housing DPD or the Barton Area Action Plan report (up for discussion at Full Council on Monday 19 December at the Town Hall) due to the uncertainty over whether a suitable access could be agreed. Officers have advised the potential developers that they have the opportunity to pursue the site by responding to the consultation in early 2012 and by proposing it as an ‘omission site’. This would mean that they would present their case for the site to an Inspector.

Consultation on housing sites includes car park

A preferred options paper is going to be considered by the City Executive Board next Wednesday. It has information on sites proposed for housing and development and many are in Headington Ward or will affect Headington Ward residents.  These include (preferred option in brackets):

  • Churchill Hospital site (reduce car parking provision on site)
  • Dorset House site
  • Gipsy Lane campus
  • Headington car park, Old High Street (car-free residential and/or student accommodation)
  • Headington Preparatory School (do not allocate)
  • Headington School (do not allocate)
  • JR Hospital (reduce car parking provision on site)
  • Manor Ground (100% affordable housing)
  • NOC (healthcare and medical research – reduce car parking provision on site)
  • Old Road campus (hospitaland medical research – reduce car parking provision on site)
  • Park Hospital (medical teaching and research – reduce car parking provision on site)
  • Ruskin College (main academic site)

Library use of the Dorset House site has been rejected

For a full list and commentary please click here

Conservation area appraisal out for comment

The Consultation Draft of the Old Headington Conservation Area Appraisal is now available online for inspection at the following link

The public consultation will last until 11th May and the Council hopes to run a Saturday surgery event for anyone interested in commenting on the appraisal during this period.

Written comments are invited on the appraisal, rather than using an online questionnaire at this time.  Please don’t hesitate to copy us in on your responses as we will be sending in comments too!

St Andrew’s Road street surgery

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday evening’s surgery, Altaf and Ruth enjoyed meeting you and discussing your concerns

These included issues around road signage, parking, ways to improve traffic junctions, hazardous traffic light sequencing at the Windmill Road/London Road junction, a county council legal matter, damage to pavements by refuse collection lorries, proposed Ruskin developments, sewage and drainage problems, and the lack of cycle track along London Road

It’s good to hear that so many residents enjoy living in Laurel Farm Close

We shall update residents as we make progress with their issues