Latest planning decisions in Headington Ward

Applications withdrawn

  1. 17/02343/FUL WITHDRAWN

    Erection of a 1×1-bed dwelling with parking.

    142 Headley Way Oxford

  2. 17/02344/FUL WITHDRAWN

Erection of 1 x 2-bed dwelling with parking provision and access.

142 Headley Way Oxford


Applications granted consent


  1. 17/02351/FUL PERMITTED

    Formation of 1no. dormer window to rear elevation. (Amended plans)

    117 Headley Way Oxford


  2. 17/02350/FUL PERMITTED

    Erection of two modular units outside the minor injuries entrance to provide as assessment facility to reduce waiting times.
    John Radcliffe Hospital Headley Way

Latest planning applications in Headington Ward

All the following have been permitted under delegated authority.

  1. 17/02009/FUL 
Demolition of existing entrance hall, WC and rear porch. Erection of single storey front extension. Alteration to windows and doors to the front and rear elevations.

B Langley Court Langley Close

  1. 17/02141/FUL 
Erection of two storey side and rear extension, insertion of 1 window to rear ground floor elevation. Demolition of existing garage.

1 Stapleton Road Oxford

  1. 17/02276/CPU 
Application to certify that the proposed formation of hip to gable in association with loft conversion, alterations to existing garage to form habitable space, formation of 1 dormer to rear roofslope, alterations to 1no. window on first floor, alterations to existing doors to side elevation is lawful development. (Amended description)

11 Bickerton Road Oxford

  1. 17/02292/FUL 
Change of use from dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a House in Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4).

39 Lime Walk Oxford

  1. 17/01496/FUL Affecting a Conservation Area 
Erection of trellis to the inside of the north and west boundary walls.

Churchill Farm House 4 St Andrew’s Lane

  1. 17/01943/CPU 
Application to certify that the proposed summer room and garage/workshop is lawful development. (Amended plan)

91 Lime Walk Oxford

  1. 17/02368/VAR Affecting a Conservation Area 
Variation of condition 16 (Sustainable technology) of planning permission 16/02559/VAR (Variation of condition 13 (materials) of planning permission 15/01988/FUL (Demolition of existing chalet bungalow. Erection of a three storey 1 x 5-bed dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Formation of new vehicular access from Stoke Place with provision of 3No. car parking spaces, bin and cycle store and new landscaping) to enable the use of alternative brick and roof tiles and to allow the condition to be discharged post commencement of works) to allow alternative to a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery by installing a Flue Gas Recovery Unit.

Rookery Cottage 11 Stoke Place


Latest planning consents in Headington Ward

  1. 17/01780/CEU

Application to certify that the existing use 1 x 1 bed flat (Use Class C3) is lawful.

115 London Road Headington

  1. 17/02099/FUL

Change of use of dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a House in Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Provision of bin and cycle stores.

94 Staunton Road Oxford

  1. 17/02153/VAR

Variation of condition 2 (Develop in accordance with approved plns) of planning permission 16/00131/FUL (Erection of two storey front extension incorporating roof extension and single storey rear extension. Formation of 2No rear dormer windows and insertion of rooflights in association with loft conversion (Amended plans).)) to allow alteration of roof to form hip to gable.

44 Franklin Road Oxford

  1. 17/02236/FUL

Erection of first floor rear extension. (Amended plan)

76 Windmill Road Oxford

  1. 17/02260/VAR Affecting a Conservation Area

Variation of condition 2 (Develop in accordance with approved plns) of planning permission 16/00340/FUL (Erection of part single, part two storey rear extension. Insertion of 1no. window to north elevation.)) to allow the insertion of 1No. rooflight on the North elevation of the rear extension.

76 Old High Street Oxford

Ruskin planning application submitted

Three new planning applications this week – two on the same site at 142 Headley Way, and one by Ruskin for student accommodation. Please select Planning Applications from top menu for more details

If anyone is wondering why there are two applications for the same site in Headley Way, here is the response we received from the Planning Officer:

Yes there are two applications in. One is for a two storey 2 bedroom dwelling and one is for a single storey 1 bedroom dwelling as an alternative proposal. They would not be able to implement both, if allowed, as they are on the same footprint.

Latest Headington planning decision


Application to certify that the proposed erection of single storey extension to south east elevation, enlargement of 1no. window on ground floor north east elevation, replacement external door to north east elevation and alterations to 2no. windows on 1st floor south east elevation is lawful development.

35 Langley Close Oxford