Latimer Road – lining latest

We have just been advised that the traffic regulation order (TRO) to accommodate the parking slots and lining of Latimer Road outside Beech House will need to be amended to match up with the slightly changed access points constructed during the build. The reason that the two don’t match up is that technical difficulties were encountered – unexpected infrastructure below the road surface meant that changes had to be made.

This matter has been referred back to the Traffic Regulation Order team at the County Council – if the construction company paints in lines according to the current TRO, they won’t work.

Ward councillors are just as frustrated as residents about all this. We shall now push the County TRO team for more information, but it looks as though a further consultation will be needed before the TRO can be amended. Hopefully this won’t be a wide area consultation but it will still mean further delay. We shall let people know more as we get more information.

Latimer Road – the sorry saga continues

The latest news on the surfacing, signing and lining in Latimer Road following the works done by Winvic is depressing for residents.

We are advised as follows.

A new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) has been prepared for Latimer Road – the development at Beech House has prompted some changes in the old one. The new TRO is in place but can’t be enforced until the construction site has been vacated.

The County Council and Winvic made a verbal agreement that Winvic would make good the road surfaces/kerbs damaged by construction vehicles at the end of the project. Since that time there has been a succession of site managers at the Latimer Road site, and the exact nature of the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ is now being challenged. There is email correspondence to show the agreement was made, and there are many many photographs on file showing damage being incurred.

The agreement was to resurface the part of Latimer Road from London Road down to just past the Latimer Grange access road, ready for re-lining in accordance with the TRO.

There was a slight mix-up last weekend – the lining team could not do scheduled work, found out that there had been large numbers of complaints on Fix My Street about Latimer Road, and re-lined Latimer Road but in line with the old TRO. This has led to some confusion.

The lines will be re-done when the road has been resurfaced, and the resurfacing of the road cannot happen until the company agrees the cost of reparation with the County Council. At the moment, an offer has been made which is short of the amount specified in the County quote. Once those discussions are resolved (the matter is currently being considered by Winvic directors) then the work can go ahead, the lining can be re-done in line with the new TRO, signage will be put up and parking can then be enforced. But clearly we don’t yet know when that will be.

This is a matter of great concern to councillors and residents, and we are doing all we can do expedite its resolution.





End to disruption in Latimer Road in sight?

Advice from planning enforcement is that the handover of the site from Winvic to the university is scheduled for this afternoon. This will hopefully see a noticeable reduction in the number of contractors involved with the site on a daily basis and a reduction in the number of vehicles at the site.

Short term parking should ease now that Winvic’s involvement is coming to an end. The disabled parking space is free and available for use.

The container on the road will be removed today along with the plant machinery as well so the road and site should be a little more clear. The skip onsite will be exchanged today in preparation for the final phase of planting/landscaping which is scheduled from 16th February 2018.

All of Winvic’s involvement with the 36-40 London Road site is being handed over today. Site manager Mark Wait is onsite to oversee this.  They will have obviously have some involvement with the tree planting but Brookes will be overseeing a lot of this.

Following the planting/landscaping, there is to be the resurfacing of ‘worn’ section of Latimer Road. This will leave the area looking much better and should be the last stage of disruptive work in the general area of the site. The date for this is yet to be confirmed. We are checking to see if damage to Latimer Grange will also be rectified.

Construction access management to Beech House – update

We understand that from today till 28 April Winvic will use a traffic marshall / spotter on the junction of Lime Walk and All Saints Road to assist with lorries turning in to All Saints Road and marshall pedestrians on the junction as and when required. The marshall will check lorries and turn away any unauthorised deliveries so there should be no more low loaders or other vehicles arriving at unauthorised times at the site and being turned back. This should reduce the amount of turning vehicles in Latimer Road and stop vehicles turning into/out of the Brambles or blocking driveways.

We are still awaiting the planning decision on whether to accept a revised construction access plan.