End to disruption in Latimer Road in sight?

Advice from planning enforcement is that the handover of the site from Winvic to the university is scheduled for this afternoon. This will hopefully see a noticeable reduction in the number of contractors involved with the site on a daily basis and a reduction in the number of vehicles at the site.

Short term parking should ease now that Winvic’s involvement is coming to an end. The disabled parking space is free and available for use.

The container on the road will be removed today along with the plant machinery as well so the road and site should be a little more clear. The skip onsite will be exchanged today in preparation for the final phase of planting/landscaping which is scheduled from 16th February 2018.

All of Winvic’s involvement with the 36-40 London Road site is being handed over today. Site manager Mark Wait is onsite to oversee this.  They will have obviously have some involvement with the tree planting but Brookes will be overseeing a lot of this.

Following the planting/landscaping, there is to be the resurfacing of ‘worn’ section of Latimer Road. This will leave the area looking much better and should be the last stage of disruptive work in the general area of the site. The date for this is yet to be confirmed. We are checking to see if damage to Latimer Grange will also be rectified.

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