Student numbers in Oxford

Latest figures released to us show that:

Oxford’s two universities – Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford – between them had over 32,000 students enrolled for fulltime study in 2014/15 according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. Just over 11,000 more students were enrolled for parttime study, a significant portion of whom were studying a modular course rather than a full degree. Not all of these students were living in the city or even studying in it – Oxford Brookes, for example, has three campuses outside the city and some of its students study at franchise organisations elsewhere.
Since the 2000/01 academic year the total number of students has grown at both universities, but in different ways. At Brookes the full-time undergraduate population was 2,500 larger by 2007/08, with little growth since. At the University of Oxford the full-time undergraduate population has changed little in size, whereas the number of full-time postgraduates has grown by 3,000.

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