Update from Winvic on Latimer Road build (aka Beech House)

We asked for a newsletter to be sent out for residents and here it is (dated today) from Steve Hatch, the Project Manager.

My intentions are to keep all stakeholders aware of what is happening on site at present and a 4 week look ahead. Currently on site the civil works are continuing to form the basement to the project which entails quite detailed construction methods,   once the civil works are complete the steel frame to the building will commence from the 14th of November with the aid of a luffing tower carne to be installed on the 05.09.16, once the steel frame has been installed the floor slabs will be poured which will commence on the 21.01.17 with the aid of a concrete pump which will be sited within the compound, from the end of feb the external cladding, brickwork, windows etc will commence with the fit out internally commencing alongside the external works,      


Progress to date

     Completion of secant and load bearing piles

       Bulk excavation ongoing

       Cropping of piles

       Installation of temp haul road

       Installation of concrete blinding to basement



Work to be progressed over the next 4 weeks:


       Complete bulk excavation

       Commence installation of water proofing system to basement

       Ongoing concrete blinding to basement prior to water proofing system

       Commence installation of pile caps

       Commence excavation for attenuation tank base

       Install attenuation tank base

       Commence capping beams to grid lines A1 and 1

       Integrity tests to piles


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