Windmill Road latest

Here’s the action we’ve taken on issues raised by residents:

  • pavement defects near the Sue Ryder shop will be made good inside 24 hours
  • overhanging vegetation at 34 will be cut back within 28 days
  • owners of bins left out on pavements will receive advice from the Community Support Officer

Here are the latest speeding stats in Windmill Road from Thames Valley Police

3 speeding operations have been carried out in the 30mph section with the following results:

18/07/2014 1900-2000 hours – out of 197 cars 3 were travelling over 30mph

09/08/2014 1400-1500 hours – out of 224 cars 4 were travelling over 30mph

29/10/2014 0830-0930 hours – out of 86 cars 0 were travelling over 30mph.

Therefore out of the 507 cars that were monitored, only 7 were over 30mph (the fastest going at 38mph (5mph over the speed a ticket could be given at)). As a percentage only 1.38% of cars were speeding, and then not excessively.

The accident data shows there were 2 accidents in Windmill road in 2013 which resulted in injury. One accident was caused by a car pulling out of a junction and hitting a cyclist. The other was a car wing mirror clipping a cyclist. In both cases speed was not a contributing factor. The Police only record accident data where there is an injury caused.

In 2011 Speed data was captured over a 24 hour period using one of the black boxes. This showed the average speed over a 24 hour period was 23.1 miles per hour and when looking at the 85th percentile, the average speed was 29.6. It is the 85th percentile that tends to be looked at when deciding if a there is a problem or not. As this is still within the 30mph limit, then the data shows there is not a speeding problem on Windmill road that requires further resources in relation to increasing road safety.