Rough sleepers in Headington – how to help

Residents have asked for contact details of agencies they can ring to get help for rough sleepers in the area.

Oxford City Council supports the homeless services in the City in several ways, by funding several organisations who assist people who have fallen into need and supporting them to get back on track. This includes funding the Oxford Street Population Outreach Team (OXSPOT) who make daily contact with Rough Sleepers in the City to encourage them to access services to assist them with finding accommodation. There are two homeless hostels in the city, as well as other dispersed  supported accommodation for rough sleepers and single homeless people. Oxford SPOT will work with anyone rough sleeping to support them into suitable accommodation, either in the city or elsewhere, as well as link people up with any other relevant support they need.

Information on individuals sighted sleeping in the City is always welcomed as this can help us to target our approach in helping them. Please record any sightings, or raise concerns through OXSPOT who can be contacted directly on 01865 304 611 or via email outreach.oxford@MUNGOS.ORG or by recording on Streetlink,, who will then notify  OXSPOT.