Planning applications w/c 5th Jan 2021

Three applications in Headington this week, all at the JR Hospital site! The City’s planning website as out of action at the time of writing, but once it’s back in action you can search for them by code:

  • 20/03193/FUL: installing an air-handling plant
  • 20/03243/FUL: installing liquid-oxygen storage
  • 20/02983/FUL: demolition and replacement of the Barnes Unit and associated work

Motion on Student Fees

We are putting the following motion before Oxford City Council to support British students currently living in another EU nation:

Oxford should be rightly proud of its record for fighting against injustice, for its record in supporting access to university for all students, and fighting to retain Oxford’s connection to Europe. The Brexit lies and misrepresentations have taken us down a dark period in our country’s history and there’s little doubt that, whatever the outcome of the negotiations, Brexit reduces our right to live, work and retire in over 30 countries. It’s divided the nation and driven many away, and the government, intentionally or unintentionally, continues to sever ties, even with its own citizens.

Frequently overlooked are those British citizens who sought to live or work in the European Union as many have done over the years. Many of their children are often enrolled in their local British school. Most retain links to the UK.   

Until now British students living anywhere in the European Union were included in the home fees agreement (British students who happened to live in an EU country could return to study at a university in the UK and be treated as “Home / EU”).

After the end of the transition period and as of 1st January 2021, British passport-holding students living in the European Union will no longer meet the residency qualification for UK universities. They will be treated as foreign if they’ve not lived in one of the UK’s four nations (England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) for three years up to when they start the course; and liable to the international fee rate. Yet these same British students will also be seen as foreign in European Universities, where the fees are dependent on nationality, and therefore charged accordingly.

We do not believe that the vote to leave the EU intended to forsake all those British children and their families who had taken the opportunity of living and working in the European Union. The law needs to change to enable those British students living in the EU to be given the opportunity to attend a British university. The opportunity to re-establish ties with the UK. The opportunity for a Higher Education.

Council calls on the Leader to write to the Secretary of State for Education:
1. requesting him to ensure that all British citizens who are resident in the European Union, who are planning to study at UK universities, have access to the home fees rate. 
2. asking that they should also be granted access to be able to apply for student loans.