Headington, Quarry and Risinghurst Residents Survey

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Below we include extra detail regarding the Low-Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) plans, showing the latest proposed locations of vehicle filters (bollards or similar allowing bikes and scooters but not cars to pass). If you have particular comments regarding these specifics (as opposed to generally favouring or opposing the concept, which is covered on the survey above), please get in touch at headington@oxonlibdems.uk.

Note that throughout, all properties are reachable by car, but the access route to a particular house may change as a result of the proposed filters. The filter shown at the junction of Quarry High Street and Quarry Hollow allows traffic to pass between these two roads, but not between them and Quarry or Margaret Roads. Note that the filters on Gladstone Road and Pitts Road are currently designed to allow a chicane route out of Quarry going Quarry High Street -> Gladstone Road -> New Cross Road -> Pitts Road -> Trafford Road -> Gladstone Road -> London Road. This is a compromise between blocking that route and compelling traffic to exit the Quarry via the bypass on the one hand, and leaving Gladstone Road unblocked and inviting its use as a cut-through on the other.

One thought on “Headington, Quarry and Risinghurst Residents Survey

  1. Hugh Penfold says:

    Dear democratically elected LibDem Councillors and, specifically, Mr Smowton,

    Thank you very much for your clarification regarding your June flyer relating to your plans regarding Headington LTNs (and the opportunity to correct a typo in the above salutation). The flyer was lacking in specifics, and I reiterate that I am deeply unimpressed that the first inkling we received regarding plans which will seriously and negatively impact on our day to day lives were obtained through a flyer from One Headington (about whom I know nothing whatever).

    Instead of making life for local residents a total misery, which is precisely what these proposals will do, our elected Councillors should instead be finding ways of reducing the through-traffic. As a resident of Beech Road, it is absolutely essential to have more than one exit!!
    London Road is gridlocked most afternoons from about 2.30pm.
    Headley Way is often gridlocked mornings and/or afternoons. How are we supposed to get out?? Similarly, once we eventually get onto London Road or Headley Way, having some choice of escape routes is vital. 95% of our trips, for shopping and/or leisure are North-South and not East West. Thanks to Oxford City’s totally motorist-hostile policies we rarely venture in that direction – I have not shopped in Oxford city centre for over 30 years. Going East is a non-starter most of the day thanks to the perma-jam on London Road (to which many £ millions, and decades of shambolic and botched road “improvements”, have made very little difference). We are totally opposed to all additional road blockages which will make our day-to-day lives immeasurably worse and will have little impact on the fundamental issue of increasing through-traffic and increasing traffic due to the unconstrained and never-ending expansion of facilities and jobs at the JR Hospital and, particularly the university’s Old Road site. How about using your elected powers to block any further growth of either the JR or the university’s bloated empires in Headington?
    H Penfold
    Beech Road

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