Message from Ruth Wilkinson re her resignation as Headington Ward councillor

Dear all

I want to thank everyone for the very kind messages of thanks and support you have sent me following my resignation as ward councillor. This means a lot to me and I am deeply grateful.

No-one is irreplaceable and we have a very strong Lib Dem team who intend to continue with Focus leaflets and Ward Focus meetings just as before, indeed one of our local residents and team members is keen to stand. It’s always good to have new input and new ideas.

I shall continue to provide mentoring and support for my replacement when I can, and I hope you will give that person the wonderful support I needed and was given when I first started out!  Fortunately Altaf and Roz are very experienced councillors so the transition should be smooth.

We still have lots of work to do, as your comments at yesterday’s well-attended Ward Focus Meeting attested! It’s not clear yet when the by-election will be held, it will be one of the first three Thursdays in July, depending on availability of polling stations.

Thanks and best wishes.



Press release 30/5/18

Headington councillor Ruth Wilkinson has stood down for family reasons

Ruth Wilkinson has resigned following ten years as a councillor for Headington ward.

This comes following family pressures that have increased substantially in the past few weeks, requiring Ruth to be away from Oxford much more.

Commenting, Ruth Wilkinson said:

It’s been a huge honour to represent Headington Ward residents and work with them to get things done. I want to thank them for their terrific support over my time as councillor.

I’ve been coping with mounting family pressures but now I’m needed out of Oxford more and more.

I think it’s best for Headington if I make way for an energetic new candidate. My colleagues Altaf-Khan and Roz Smith are brilliant councillors, I know they will continue to work hard for residents.

Andrew Gant, Leader of the Opposition on Oxford City Council and Liberal Democrat councillor, said:

Ruth has been an inspiration and a wonderful colleague. No Councillor has worked harder or with more dedication for the residents of her ward and the city more widely.

I would like to thank Ruth for her ten years of service, and wish her and her family well in the future at this difficult time.


Headington Liberal Democrat councillors hold regular public meetings and send out monthly newsletters to residents.





Ruth Wilkinson was first elected in 2008 (majority 16), taking over from Stephen Tall.

She was re-elected in 2012 (majority 426) and 2016 (majority 663)

Other councillors serving Headington Ward residents

Cllr Altaf-Khan (re-elected May 2018, majority 636)

County Cllr Roz Smith – Headington & Quarry Division (elected 2017, majority 892)



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