Dockless bikes – Questions and Answers

Many residents are asking us questions about dockless bikes and objecting to seeing these ‘dumped’ in hedges, on open green space and in residential roads. Here is some information that may help.

Who has responsibility for removing them?

The bike companies – click on the code of conduct agreed by the bike companies and the Council to learn more.

Do companies patrol the area of Old Road? 

I don’t believe any patrols take place outside of the city centre. Each bike has a GPS tracker and can be identified in that way, everyday each company go and collect the bikes picked up on their computer systems.

If so, how regularly and what is the time frame for collection? 

The majority of bikes are moved within 24 hours, this can take longer if bikes are taken outside of the city boundary.

Should residents of Highfield be moving bikes to Old Road for collection, or leave them in our road?

Leave bikes anywhere (as long as not causing a nuisance) and the companies will find them via the GPS.

Do Direct Services have any other advice for residents? 

There are contact details for each company on our website, I would encourage issues to be reported, either direct to the companies, or to City Highways at

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