Latest proposals for increased parking charges in City-owned car parks

Current charges for Headington Car Park are £1.70 for 0-2 hours.

The City Council has withdrawn the proposed hike to £2.50 for 0-2 hours after hundreds of people opposed it.

The City Council has made alternative proposals in appendix 7 to item 8 on the agenda for the next CEB meeting on 13th February. New proposed charges at Headington Car Parks are:

£2.00 for 0-1 hour

£2.50 for 1-2 hours

You can see the full figures here (go to appendix 7)

These proposals do not reflect the views of the public made during the Headington Neighbourhood Plan referendum in which there was a stated need to make the first half hour of parking in City Car Parks free.

If you would like to ask a question about this decision at next week’s City Executive Board meeting, here is the process.

Attending meetings

City Executive Board meetings are held in public and you are welcome to attend.

Meeting dates and start times are on the calendar and a notice of each meeting is posted at the front of the Town Hall on St. Aldate’s, Oxford.  The majority of meetings are held in the Town Hall.

On occasions the meeting will agree to consider an item in private and if this is the case you will be asked to leave.  This happens within limited circumstances for reasons that you will see detailed on the agenda and listed in our constitution.

Asking questions, making comments or speaking

When the Chair agrees, up to 15 minutes is allocated for all public questions. Questions can be asked about any item for decision at the meeting. 

They must be sent in writing to the Head of Law and Governance in advance of the meeting.  

For a Thursday meeting, questions must be submitted by 9.30am Tuesday.  

You should email or telephone Catherine Phythian, Committee and Member Services Officer. Tel: 01865 252217

No supplementary questions or questioning is permitted.

Ruth and Altaf are number-crunching alternative tariffs and charges in order to achieve a fairer outcome and a Headington Ward Councillor will speak at the CEB meeting. We are very concerned that these changes are being proposed and decided upon  without further public consultation.

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