Removal of City trees from Staunton Road ‘pocket parks’

The City Council’s Tree Officer has explained to us his reasons for removing two trees from Staunton Road ‘pocket parks’ adjacent to gardens in Sandfield Road.

We are removing two mature Lombardy poplar trees along the boundaries of 64 & 66 Sandfield Road. The trees are located on the boundaries between the park and the properties. I carried out further investigation with our legal department to determine that the trees are in fact under the ownership and responsibility of the city council.

The two trees are being removed because:

1-    They are fast growing with weak wood

2-    The trees have been pruned heavily historically

3-    They do not compartmentalise well and as a result decay forms very quickly on pruning points

4-    The resultant regrowth is now significant on decayed points potentially leading to failure from the crown

5-    The tree behind 64 has characteristics that suggest it has been hit by lightning previously

6-    The risk comes from crown failure and requires removal of the crown beneath existing wounds and pruning points

7-    Any pruning works under these points could lead to the death of the tree therefore requiring repeat visits to remove the cut stump or rapid fast growing regrowth forming weak unions on future decay points.

We have asked several times whether these trees will be replaced, or failing that, whether they can be replaced. We are still awaiting advice on this.

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