Latest stats on parking infringements in Sandfield Road

We have been asked by residents to check how regularly the civil enforcement officers patrol in Sandfield Road. Here are the latest figures from the County Council.

The statistics for the last 6 months from 01/07/2017 to 18/01/2018 for Sandfield Rd are as follows:

  Visits – 723         

Vehicles Logged – 156      

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) Issued – 42      

Vehicles driven away before a PCN has been issued – 5

There are some poor markings in some areas which make the enforcement of certain bays difficult, and these have been reported to Highways.

Regarding cars switching every two hours, seemingly what the drivers have been doing is swapping their vehicles around between free bays and moving before the parking period expires.  Unfortunately, as they are moving to a different marked free bay our CEO’s have to start their observation periods again. 

NSL has been requested to monitor the situation and increase patrols.

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