Issues regarding missed bin collections

Residents have asked us why bins are sometimes missed and we have received the following information from the City Council.

Their instructions to crews are as follows:

  • If the road access is restricted the rounds should try again later in the day
  • If the container is not presented where is should be presented at curtilage, the crew should log the bin as not presented.
  • If the containers are accessible but parked cars prevent safe egress between the cars they should be logged as no access due to parked cars, whether that be from the resident or other parked vehicles. 
  • In all cases the crews are expected to undertake dynamic risk assessments during the round and all containers should be presented correctly and safe access to collect and return will be a factor to the collection crews.

Please note that in some tight roads such as Gardiner Street, inconsiderate parking in front of bins may result in neighbours not having their bins collected (see third bullet point above, highlighted) so please take care when parking on road at bin collection periods.

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