Windmill Rd 20 MPH limit is hot topic at Ward Focus Meeting Tuesday 25 July

The County Council intends to make Windmill Road 20 MPH. It is carrying out a consultation on this currently (see below post)

We shall be listening closely to the views of our residents at the Ward Focus meeting on 25th July at All Saints Church House, New High Street 6:00-7:30 on this, and will be conducting street surgeries in the area, details to be announced shortly.

Once we have a clear understanding of residents’ views, we shall submit a response to the consultation – do get in touch with us to raise your issues. We already know and understand that a large number of residents believe that a speed limit can only be effective if there is enforcement too.


2 thoughts on “Windmill Rd 20 MPH limit is hot topic at Ward Focus Meeting Tuesday 25 July

  1. Bob says:

    A bit pointless if it is not enforced. Cars regularly do 50+ on that road.

    • We’re hoping to get more speed checks done, Bob. Speed limit enforcement is a problem across the City and what money there it needs is being prioritised for other things. The police have agreed to make speed indicator signs available if residents can prove there is frequent speeding in specific roads at specific times.

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