Two buildings proposed for Old Road Campus site

The University of Oxford has sent out the following letter to residents:

You will recall previous consultation exercises relating to developments being undertaken at the Old Road Campus site. The University is now looking to submit an application for the provision of two small specialist waste storage facilities at the site. The application will also propose improved ground works and landscaping. 

The two buildings will comprise a total of 40 square metres and will be located to the north of the Henry Wellcome Centre on the northern part of the Campus. The buildings will sit immediately adjacent to the side of the Henry Wellcome Centre and will be constructed of profiled metal in a grey colour to tie in with the adjacent buildings. Landscaping will sit to the east of the buildings and minor ground works are required to provide a level surface for the siting of the building and to enable level access.

The proposed buildings will replace the existing facility on site and provide an improved waste storage facility for the users. The facility will be used to store packaging waste associated with materials used within the buildings on site and will be emptied by specialist waste contractors who are appropriately licensed. 

Surface water drainage from the building will be dealt with by the existing road network drainage and the sealed nature of the building will ensure that no waste water will enter the surface water drainage system.

This letter is to inform you of the application submission and to invite you to view the plans for the proposed development on Oxford City Council’s website. Once the application is registered there will be a consultation period of 21 days during which you will have the opportunity to submit any comments to the Council.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact us via

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