Revised timetable for energy pipe works


The project re-commenced on time in January, but the whole timetable has now been delayed by three factors:

  1. Installing the storm drain and sewer for the Winvic development on Latimer Road
  2. Unforeseen concrete and Utilities Congestion in All Saints Road and Lime Walk
  3. County Council Access to Headington work at Roosevelt Drive/Old Road currently over-running by two weeks.

Vital Energi apologises for any inconvenience that these delays may cause and will do everything they can to make up lost time if at all possible and to assist residents and stakeholders at all times. There is no provision for night or weekend work to make up lost time as this would require a variation to the planning consent, which would take weeks to come through, delaying the process still further.

The new Timetable is as follows, but please note that it could change again depending on the concrete/utilities under the roads, the weather, if the dig teams can make up lost time or if Vital is delayed getting onto London Rd, Old Rd by the Access to Headington work at Roosevelt Drive.


Location Section Start  Finish


Grange Road – The Brambles 3 Jan 3 Feb
  The Brambles – 55 Latimer Rd 6 Feb 10 March
  57 Latimer – All Saints 13 March 31 March
  London Rd & Latimer road 3 April 16 April
  86 Lime Walk – Nursery Close 3 Jan 27 Jan
  Nursery Close – 129b 30 Jan 17 Feb
  129b – Old Road 20 Feb 3 March
  Old Road 6 March  19 March
CHURCHILL DRIVE Phase 1 13 March 17 March
  Phase 2 & 4  20 March  21 April
  Phase 3 & 5  24 April  26 May 
NB – the timetable on CH Drive is also contingent on the Archaeological Survey      


Where the dig goes past a junction, the work section will end and begin halfway across the junction so that one side of the road is always kept open.


Please note that this timetable could change further. For up to date information, follow Twitter or see the Trust website: www.ouh.nhs/energy.


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