Cleaning up the tennis courts

Algae on the tennis courts

Algae on the tennis courts

We’ve been asked about the state of the tennis courts in Bury Knowle Park, and have received this advice from officers.

The problem is with the algae growth.

We have had a lot of problems this year due to the wet and warm winter. This has led to similar conditions on most of our courts and tennis and play areas across the UK.

The courts are mechanically brushed twice a year and sprayed with an anti-algae agent as needed. The latest controls on chemicals, mean that many chemicals used for treatment have now been withdrawn. It is difficult to find a chemical that deals effectively with the algae.

We are working with the LTA and Premier Tennis to see what we can do to improve matters. Blowers to remove leaves and brushes have been purchased and supplied to Premier Tennis on site to assist with keeping the courts clean.

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