Don’t lose your right to vote!

Are you a Headington resident who is interested in the local elections? Have you received your polling card? If not, it may be that you are not on the electoral register. If so, it’s not too late to register — not quite!

The deadline to register is this coming Tuesday, 18th April. You can find out how to register from the national website of the Electoral Commission. Note that you will have to print off that form or scan it to send to the Elections Office at the Town Hall (their e-mail is: ).

And, if you are on the register or are now registering: have you thought about voting by post? It would save you the hassle of going to the polling station, and is especially useful if you are away from Oxford on Thursday, 3rd May. But, again, the deadline to register is this coming Tuesday.

In any of these cases, if you want advice or assistance from your Headington councillors, please drop us a line. It doesn’t matter how you vote: what is of the first importance to us is that you get to vote. Flex your democratic muscle!

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