Time to review residents’ parking zones?


The County Council says it will carry out regular reviews of residents’ parking zones. One has just been completed in West Oxford.

Isn’t it time that our RPZs were reviewed in Headington? That’s what residents in New Headington are telling David and me.

We shall be working with residents’ associations to push for action on this.

Why should residents have to pay to park their cars outside their own homes?

Why are some zones 24/7? Is this unfair for residents living in busy areas?

Why should residents in 24/7 areas have to pay for passes for every visitor to their homes?

Tell us what you think!

2 thoughts on “Time to review residents’ parking zones?

  1. Neil Hicks says:

    As a resident of a 24/7 RPZ, I should like to see the rules being enforced by ControlPlus at all times
    times because at the moment we have some residents and their visitors ignoring them by
    parking without permits in the evenings and weekends. Most of us, by contrast, are using
    up our visitor permits.

  2. nick fell says:

    Why would we want the Controlled Parking Zones reviewed? we don’t want them reviewed, we want to see them all abolished. Most of the Zones are illegal, as are the Permit Charges and as are the Permits themselves.
    We all know that CPZs are just for Revenue Generation to help support or to supplement the Council Tax by the back door.

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