Pavement parking: Police advice

We have asked our Neighbourhood Sergeant for advice. She confirms:

PCSO’s can give a vehicle a ticket if they are obstructing the footway as long as they can show some one was obstructed. If there is a vehicle fully blocking the pavement then the 101 number can be phoned and if there is a PCSO available, which there often is, one can come out and issue a ticket. I will let the PCSOs know to patrol the area in order to try and prevent future occurrences.

No sympathy from the County Council for wheelchair-bound resident

Here is the County Council’s response to a wheelchair-bound resident who had to wheel into Windmill Road traffic to avoid inconsiderately parked cars in front of the shops:

though pavement parking is inconsiderate and potentially dangerous when pedestrians are pushed out into the road, fortunately, this does not appear to result in road casualties.  With funding reductions we’ve had to prioritise our resources where they bring the greatest casualty reduction benefit.

This is unacceptable. We are discussing this with the police and the Council. It’s a problem for families with buggies and for our less mobile residents driving motorised buggies too. We have considered printing off Pavements are for Pedestrians stickers but

TVP advised us to not give out the stickers to be used by residents as we could be seen to be assisting ‘criminal damage’.  We asked if we could still use the stickers but place them under the wiper blades but were advised the same – that a car owner could accuse us of damaging their car (and making the car illegal to drive if wiper blades not working properly).

To be continued…  If you have any suggestions about other ways to resolve the pavement parking in London Road and Windmill Road, we’d like to hear from you

Parking plans for Headington

Here are links to the drawings relating to the County Council’s parking proposals. Your local councillors have been pressing for some additional short stay parking in the centre of Headington to relieve pressure on some residential roads. Concerns have also been raised on safety grounds about congestion at the junction of Osler Road and London Road.

The effects of the proposals are as follows:

Osler Road

The east side will remain No Waiting at Any Time (Double Yellow Lines – DYLs).

On the west side, working northwards from London Road there will be the following changes:

a) the existing loading restriction at the beginning of the road on both sides will be extended by 5 metres;

b) the limited 1 hour parking (3 places) will be adjusted to make the parking partially on the footway for 2 spaces;

c) the permit parking area outside No.9 will become DYLs;

d) beside the Bowling Green the 2 two-hour shared use parking spaces will be increased to 5 spaces;

e) the parking space outside Nos.43/45 will be DYLs;

f) the existing No Waiting 8-6.30 Monday to Friday beyond the Hospital entrance will become 2 hour shared use parking during the same time period.


Kennet Road (south of London Road)

a) The existing 30 minute parking bay west side will be extended by 1 space;

b) a cycle lane will be introduced on the east side from London Road to outside No.1;

c) the peak time loading ban in that area will be removed from both sides.


New High Street (south of London Road)

a) on the west side, the existing I hour parking will be extended by one space;

b) on the east side, the existing No Waiting 8-6.30 Monday to Saturday will become 1 hour limited parking for 5 cars


New High Street (north of All Saints Road)

a) the shared use parking north of All Saints Road junction will be extended and permit parking bay south of that junction will be extended;


All Saints Road (near New High Street)

a) the shared use parking on the south side will be extended.


All Saints Road_ New High Street

Kennett Road

New High Street

Osler Road Central

Osler Road North

Osler Road South

Comments or objections to the proposals, specifying the grounds on which they are made, and any other representations, should be sent in writing to the Director for Environment and Economy (ref: DMT/Osler) , Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford, OX1 1NE. no later than Friday 16 May 2014. The Council will consider objections and representations received in response to this Notice. They may be disseminated widely for these purposes and made available to the public.

We are discussing these proposed changes with local residents. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns. Paper copies of these plans are available for consultation at Bury Knowle Library.



Norton Close parking

The County Council is proposing  to remove a disabled bay in Norton Close which is no longer required. The space will be restored to resident parking.

We believe it is likely that Norton Close residents will welcome this. You may send comments to the County Council by the 16th May and the decision will be made in June. For further details, please get in touch with Roz, David or Ruth.

County Council parking proposals

The County Council has published proposals for changes to parking spaces in Osler Road, Kennett Road, New High Street and All Saints Road. The aim of the order is to provide additional parking places for residents and visitors , adjust waiting restrictions, and relocate some parking bays.

These proposals are due to be published in the Oxford Mail on Saturday 19 April. If you would like to see detailed plans, please contact us and we will send them to you. The closing date for responses is 16 May.

Letters are being delivered to residents this week

Hunt the parking space