Application for listing BK barn and stables

A planning application for development on the site of the barn and stable block associated with Bury Knowle House has been delayed pending the outcome of a report by a listing inspector from English Heritage.

How to request that a building is listed

A member of the public (as in this case), or a Council Officer, fills in the form or writes to the regional office of English Heritage requesting that a building is considered for listing.  Then the listing inspector visits and inspects and does some research on the building to provide an evidence base with reference to the criteria for listing, which include the two basic criteria of Special Historic and Architectural Interest, as well as a host of other criteria depending on the type of building.  The City Council is sent a copy of this evidence base to comment on if it wishes to.  A separate letter of recommendation is written by the inspector stating whether in their opinion the building merits listing or not.

The Secretary of State can then act on this – the decision is usually made within a couple of months.

NAG news – neighbourhood priorities

After extensive surveying in and around Headington, the neighbourhood team has identified three priorities:

  • Littering
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Parking issues

A problem-solving session will be held at the next meeting (Wed 13 April at 18.00, at the Baptist Hall Old High Street) to inform our action plans for the summer.

There is a new neighbourhood inspector for the area called Insp Marc Tarbit, and we are also able to call on support from Oxford City Council Street Wardens who are now deployed across the City.

We also discussed a range of issues including the reliability of road accident statistics, the safety audit of London Road following the redevelopments, the Highfield traffic scheme proposals, and the behaviour of summer school and language school students in parks.

PCSOs have been issuing fixed penalty notices to people caught cycling on pavements in Lonson Road

If you would like to get involved in the Headington Neighbourhood Action Group and come to our meetings, please contact either David or Ruth. If you have a concern about any matter relating to your neighbourhood, please let us know

See the design for new BK Park play equipment!

Final proposals have been made for the play area now that funding has been confirmed.  The proposed design will be on display at St. Andrews School, London Road, Headington on Monday 29th November between 3pm and 7pm.

Please feel free to drop in and view the proposals as this will be a final opportunity to make comments before orders are placed for equipment and materials.

The design will also be on display at Bury Knowle Library for people to drop in and view from 29th November.

Please do pass this information on to anyone else you think may be interested in viewing the proposed design.

Replacing the play equipment at Bury Knowle Park

Here is an update from last night’s open meeting.  The news is good in that they are going to retain a couple of pieces of toddler play equipment after all, and they are hoping to put a proper boundary around the play area comprising hedges and fencing, both wooden and metal, so that should sort out the concern about dogs.And yes! there WILL be a zip wire! And a ship like structure (allegedly), a rope bridge over a hollowed out pit, a low wall children can climb over but high enough to keep the dogs out, a sandpit, big stones/rocks to walk on, springy ‘stepping stone’ platforms to walk on or springy ride-ons, etc. The theme is to use natural materials like wood and stone whenever possible to tie in with the park’s featuresI’ve asked them about further consultation, they say they’d like to put out the contract to tender by 6 September, and we discussed the possibility of them putting up their design plans in either Bury Knowle Library or the Baptist Church towards the end of the month so people can look at them and make comments – they don’t have these plans finalised yet but may be able to provide a link electronically at some point in the near future, I’ll post it up when I
get it

Some good points from parents this afternoon – face the slide away from the sun as it gets too hot, and put a slope up in front of the swings to stop toddlers running in front of them and getting hit. Lots of questions about disabled access too. Toddler play equipment appears to be divvied up across the whole area rather than in one toddler zone – views, anyone?

Notional timelines liable to slippage: order equipment beginning of October, start the work mid November, complete January 2011 though subject to weather conditions. Fortunately delays in the process have meant work won’t take place over the summer, that’s a relief!

Have your say on improvements to Bury Knowle Park

A meeting for your diary!

North East area committee

Date: Tuesday 19th January 2010 at 6.00 pm
Venue: Sandhills Primary School, Terret Avenue

We shall be discussing the management plan for Bury Knowle Park, you can download your copy from the council’s web page (item 5)

Please do come along and join in the discussion, all suggestions to improve the plan are welcome

Play Space at Bury Knowle Park…have your say!

You are invited to a consultation event on Monday 25th January from 7pm to 9pm at St. Andrew’s School, Headington


We would like as much involvement from residents, young people
and members of the local community as possible so please attend.
We would like to give more information about the proposal and
generate ideas for the refurbishment of the play area at Bury Knowle Park based on community needs.
If you have any queries or suggestions that you would like to voice
about the proposed refurbishment, or would like to get involved in
the scheme then please contact Groundwork at: or on 07969 546494

Future plan for Bury Knowle Park

Following on from discussions with the Friends of Bury Knowle Park, and comments made by Park users, the City Council has put together a draft management plan for Bury Knowle Park which you may like to read. To see the full document, please click here

If you have any comments or suggestions you would like to contribute to this plan, then please contact Friends of Bury Knowle Park at by 9 December or drop a line to David and Ruth

Help plant bulbs in Bury Knowle Park on Sunday!

Sunday 29th November 2009

2 pm

Bury Knowle Park

Come and help plant spring bulbs!

All welcome


We’ve got 500 bulbs to plant


  Meet in front of the Library

Bring your own tools, gardening gloves etc


Children must be accompanied/supervised by an adult


Then come in the spring and admire the bulbs you’ve planted!!!



For more details about Friends of Bury Knowle Park, click here

Pushy mothers..

Natalie Lella is organising a programme for young mothers to get out and about and take some exercise. Her Headington class takes place at Bury Knowle Park, Thursday mornings, 9.30am-10.30am.   If you want to contact her, here are her details and you can also find information on Daily Info, Gumtree and Netmums/Baby Directory.

Her web page is here.  Her class in University Parks is oversubscribed, so sign up quickly!