Notes from the Headington Ward Focus meeting

Thank you for coming to our Ward Focus meeting in such numbers! We are sending out a summary of issues raised there in our Focus leaflet this weekend, but here is a flavour.

Hospital Trust news

JR planning application (please see link for press release from the Trust)

  • Considered by the city council to be a minor application, this means it will be determined by an officer using delegated powers unless called into committee by councillors
  • ED is short for Emergency Department (NHS officially preferred name for A&E) has two floors
  • Small change to footprint and some of it is infill
  • The outcome will be faster diagnosis, greater efficiency and bigger ambulance parking area – the application includes inter alia mini-operating theatres, an isolation ward, more resuscitation bays, better bereavement/family facilities and the project was prompted by inspection findings by the Care and Quality Commission.
  • Financial negotiations are in process
  • Time period of build likely to be Nov 18-Nov 19.
  • Deliveries will be made outside peak times via Headley Way

Ronald McDonald House

  • Build likely to start approx. Nov 2018 and last approx. 12 months then a 3 month refit
  • Construction traffic route is down Sandfield Road to Woodlands Road, and back out again to Headley Way via Woodlands Road
  • Parking problems not envisaged for hotel users as all the parents of sick children will be given stickers enabling them to use hospital car parking spaces.
  • Working hours – no evening/weekend working

There is currently one further build on site (University funded)


  • Need for construction and other works-related traffic to observe the 20 MPH limit – can this be written into planning consent?
  • Please can deliveries be made at times other than school drop-off and collection too?
  • Can signage be put up to show no access to JR in Sandfield Road?
  • Main contact for both builds is Jo Lennon
  • Residents urged to contact councillors if they have any queries or concerns

Access to Headington 

  • Utilities infrastructure issues have delayed the work
  • Work has stopped in one place because a nest was found
  • Shops asking for reduction in business rates due to loss of trade
  • Works outside the JR will take 6-8 weeks and involve putting in temporary traffic lights
  • Banks won’t be lost on the right hand side going downhill so the trees on that side will be retained
  • We are pressing to see  the design changes at the Headley Way / Woodlands Rd junction which aim to make cycling safer

Other issues raised

Noise nuisance from St Luke’s build at McMaster House

Latimer Road – UNITE coaches

English language schools – ASB and noise from 2 locations, Why don’t they have bus passes?

Lack of presence by police disappointing – updates needed on recent incidents, operations and rough sleeping.

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