Common People event – noise monitoring in Headington

Following noise complaints last year, one resident has been informed by the City Council:

With regards to monitoring points, we aim to take more measurementsfrom locations that appeared to be particularly affected by low frequency noise from the festival last year which included the Headington area. In terms of the equipment, if I or one of my colleagues could visit you on the Friday evening prior to the start of the festival to install the equipment that would be much appreciated. It will take no more than 15mins or so at the most to set it up and it does not require any interaction at all during the festival as it will be pre-set to log the data we require. We would aim to pick the equipment up on Sunday evening if that is convenient?

Please let us know if you experienced a volume of noise you considered unacceptably high last year and would like monitoring equipment too, and we shall contact the appropriate officer.

2 thoughts on “Common People event – noise monitoring in Headington

  1. Sarah says:

    I was woken by the noise in my flat in Wolvercote this morning!

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