Tree works in Headington

We have asked the City Council about the length of time it takes for works to trees to be carried out. Some residents have queried why it is taking up to three years for a tree to be pollarded, for example.

Here is the reply we have received.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a monthly schedule of tree works. No matter how well we plan, enquiries come in everyday that we need to assess on a risk basis. This means that works are constantly being rescheduled as we have to deal with the highest priorities first. 

Unforeseen events can also have a large impact on job completion, such as storms/high winds or vandalism.

Therefore it is currently very difficult to be able to plan in works any more than a week or two at a time – even this timescale is not always guaranteed.

The time involved in re-issuing the schedule every time we had to make changes would divert staff from dealing with the enquiries or planning the works.

We are asking whether in progress messages can be sent to those who have reported tree defects so that residents know the request has not got lost in the system.


2 thoughts on “Tree works in Headington

  1. M Chandler says:

    Isn’t it simply a sign that the ‘Tree Team’ is just not big enough for the size of the estate? Continued cuts and reshuffles to council employed outdoor staff means there are not enough resources to do the job within a REASONABLE time. Local residents wellbeing depends, in part, on the quality of their local surroundings – especially green spaces… as reported on this website:

    “Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study

    Short-term budget cuts to satisfy highly paid upper echelon council managers has a hugely detrimental effect on everyone that is simply not recognised.

  2. Thanks for your comments, there are lots of issues here. I have spoken to the Head of Service about whether the balance is wrong between Business As Usual (council work for council tax payers) and Contract Work (to generate income – could be school, universities etc). Some employees are putting contract work first because they are aware they have to meet targets. That means other stuff gets rushed. On trees, there have been some issues around absence from work too. Could this be trying to do too much in too little time? Is the process effective or could it be smarter? Are staff worried that contract work is needed for them to retain their jobs? It all needs unravelling. I do agree that this type of work does need more time if it’s done to a high standard.

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