Tree concerns


We have written to the Tree Officers concerning the number of trees being felled in the Ward. Numbers appear to be climbing (although this may be due to the time of year) and we are trying to find out if replacement trees will be planted in order to maintain the ward’s tree canopy cover.

The latest lists include:


Fell 1no. Beech Tree, Prune 1 Cedar Tree, Raise crown of 1no. London Plane tree and Crown Raise group of trees (G1) to provide highways clearance in Old Headington Conservation Area.

JR Estates, Osler Road


Fell 1 Eucalyptus tree Old Headington Conservation Area.

24 Old High Street


Fell 1 Western Red Cedar tree in Old Headington Conservation Area.

35 St Andrew’s Road


Fell 1 Sycamore tree in Headington Hill Conservation Area.

The Bursary Headington School Headington Road

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