Brookside sewage spill latest

Tuesday’s blockage affecting Brookside and London Road was caused by paper and rag. This morning’s blockage has been cleared but a network engineer has been sent to site to determine whether pollution has spread to Boundary Brook.   Thames Water is digging up and repairing a damaged section of sewer on the opposite side of the London Road,but at the present time there is too much flow in the line for a camera to be put down which would help identify whether this is a contributing factor or whether there are other problems below ground.

If there is any evidence of pollution into Boundary Brook, Thames Water will carry out tests and report findings to the Environment Agency.

We are in daily contact with Thames Water over this issue.

2 thoughts on “Brookside sewage spill latest

  1. Arnold Brewer says:

    Yes cleared at the moment but I also understand the small pipe in Brookside is just not up to the job, what really worries is the flats going up in Latimer Road. What is being planned to upgrade the system? I suspect nothing…….

    • One of the problems I have unearthed is that Thames Water is not a statutory consultee for a large number of planning applications, so it doesn’t necessarily get notified when new buildings go up. I am checking to see how many of the planning applications for extensive build in the Latimer Road area have been brought to TW’s attention. R

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