Vital Energi statement on the hospital pipeline project

Ashley Malin, Project Development Director, has sent us the following statement today.

Following our press statement of 6 January 2016, we want to provide an update to ensure everyone in the local community in Headington is kept informed of the current status of the Energy Link of the Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust Project.

Vital Energi has taken the decision to apply for planning permission for the Energy Link works, following a detailed review of the letter received from the Local Planning Authority of Oxford City Council on 5 January 2016 and having engaged with the Trust, stakeholders and external planning consultants.  The application is being dealt with in the usual way through the City Council’s planning department and will include a period of public consultation in order for any comments or objections to be raised. The planning application will not affect the Section 50 Street Works licences approved by Oxfordshire County Council before the works took place.

We would like to reassure the local community of Headington that all planning permissions for the works taking place at the John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospitals as well as detailed air quality assessments have been approved by the Local Planning Authority at Oxford City Council during the pre-construction stage. District heating is an emerging technology and has differing requirements from utilities and statutory undertakers which is not well understood in relation to these applications to Heat Networks; planning permission requirements are not always evident.

The Energy Link works will require road closures on 6 roads for a total overall period of 25 weeks. To minimise the impact to residents, the work is programmed to be carried out in small 120 metre sections, with each section of road being closed for a maximum of 4 weeks only. We understand that these works will cause disruption to the residents of Headington, which is why our project team have been and will be readily available to work with residents to reduce the impact on the local community.  

The Energy Link will play a fundamental role in the Hospital Energy Project as a whole providing significant carbon emission and financial savings which can be reinvested by the Trust.

The Hospital Energy project itself involves the removal of aged and inefficient equipment and infrastructure at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and replacing it with new low carbon, high efficiency equipment.  

The Energy Link will connect the John Radcliffe Hospital with the nearby Churchill Hospital providing low carbon heat, hot water and electricity to both Hospitals providing greater resilience to deliver both significant environmental and energy saving benefits, which are guaranteed over the course of the next 25 years

Guaranteed Annual Savings:

  • £2.3million energy savings every year for 25 years
  • Over 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions displaced each year for 25 years

The savings generated mean that future environmental compliances are achieved and the opportunity to invest in frontline clinical services for the 1 million patient contacts the Trust undertake each year.  

Vital Energi will continue to work closely with the Council, the Trust, stakeholders and residents during the period of the planning application and the public consultation. We will continue to keep local residents updated and informed.

Representatives of Vital Energi will be attending the next residents meeting on 18thJanuary to answer questions the residents may have.


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  1. N Harding says:

    17aug16 From Nigel

    Catching up on “Energy Pipe” I CANNOT FIND the mathematical model on guaranteed £2.5million annual savings for 25years. This analysis is critical. Otherwise the project is a non starter.
    Can you help

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