County instruction to energy pipe contractors

The Strategic Manager for the County Highway Network has contacted us with the following news.

In answer to your email I am writing to let you know that we have written to VitalEnergi this morning with an instruction to leave the site, fill the dug up trench and reinstate the road with the temporary surface IF they cannot guarantee that they will be in a position to restart their work tomorrow.  If VitalEnergi are planning to restart tomorrow there is no action needed and the work and closures and suspensions continue as now.

In case they cannot guarantee tomorrows’ return and the road is reinstated and opened, TTRO is not going to be suspended and access will be available.  There is no need for suspension of the TTRO nor for Parking Notices as the Order is valid for the period of 18 moths from the start date and is worded in such way that the parking suspension can be implemented as the work progresses.  What it means in practice is that the work can commence and finish within this period as long as it will not go beyond 18 month deadline.  If it does the promoter of the works must apply for the extension to the TTRO.

With regard to parking in the event of work not continuing, the suspension signs will stay in place but the County will not enforce the suspension on any resident parked in the bays with cars displaying valid permit. Change to the information on the actual suspension sign will be made when work starts again and if an extension of the suspension is required.  If however the works will not be restarting within the initial parking suspension time period, as currently shown on the signs, we will then remove all signage and a new application for parking suspension will be required.

PLEASE NOTE If Vital Energi restart their work tomorrow there will be no change to the current situation

For information, the Trust’s position is that this is a matter for the contractor and the local planning authority to sort out.

The City Council’s Planning Dept has written to the contractors explaining what information will be needed if/when a retrospective planning application is made.




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