Update on Access to Headington scheme

We have received the following advice from the County Council.

Firstly, the designs are currently being reviewed in light of all responses received during the consultation. Part of this work involves undertaking further surveys so we have a thorough understanding of the local area. We need this information to confirm whether any changes to designs and proposals are feasible. Therefore it is too early to confirm how we are going to take comments/concerns into account.

Once the above has been undertaken then we will hold a second consultation, probably February/March next year. This will be in the same format as before, with a number of exhibitions held throughout the area. This will give residents an opportunity to see how their comments/concerns have been addressed. This will include consultation on any Traffic Regulation Orders. I would like to stress that even at this stage, changes can still be made to the designs and proposals, and further rounds of consultation may be required.

Approval for any Traffic Regulation Orders will be made by the Cabinet Member for Environment. This will require us to publish comments received during the TRO consultation(s), including our responses. As you will know, this is a public meeting and so local residents will be welcome to attend.

Timescales set out on the webpage are indicative at this stage and could be subject to change.

There is no indication that the full set of residents’ comments from the first round of consultation will be published.


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