Keeping your home secure – top tips


Don’t let a burglar in
This autumn, Thames Valley Police is working with Surrey, Kent and Sussex police forces, reminding everyone to protect themselves from becoming a victim of burglary:
The majority of burglars are opportunistic; they will look for properties where they think they can enter unobserved and ‘work’ undisturbed. 
Three simple actions should help deter these types of criminals – Light it, Lock it, List it.

Light it:
* Install low-wattage timed security lighting that stays on throughout the night. 

* Make sure your house looks occupied even when it isn’t. Use an automatic timer switch to turn interior lights on and off.

Lock it:
Never leave keys in the door, they can assist a burglar when breaking into your house and when leaving.

* Keep your front and back doors shut and locked – even when you are at home.

* Fit window locks and ensure French windows and patio doors are secure.
* Never leave car keys or other valuables in view of a letterbox or window, tools can be used to reach through and pick them up.
* Secure your garage and shed too – equipment kept in a garage or shed can be just as tempting for a burglar.
* If you can, install a burglar alarm and set it every time you leave your home.

List it:
Register your property on the Immobilise website

It’s free of charge and can increase your chances of being reunited with your property. 

* Install an app on your phone/tablet so that it can be traced


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