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Headington Library lift

Headington Library lift

The long-awaited lift for Headington Library is facing further delay because of the non-fulfilment of a planning condition.

Local residents have been shocked to see the exterior of the Bury Knowle House extension which looks completely out of keeping with the grade 2 listed building, and contacted us.

We have investigated this and found out that permission for the build was granted subject to a condition which requires an off white colour and for samples to be agreed. Oxfordshire County Council had not sought to discharge any conditions at all which is most odd.

A member of staff from Oxford City Council is meeting Capita on site to discuss acceptable paint colour and/or new rendering on Wednesday 6 August.


2 thoughts on “Latest on Headington Library Lift

  1. Neil Hicks says:

    I am virtually speechless.

  2. KR says:

    This is SO frustrating. I have 2 children and would love to be able to take them to the library. At the moment we can only go in good weather as we have to leave the buggy outside and when my baby is awake so I can get her out of the buggy. If we could use a lift we could go whatever the weather and at all times of day. It’s such a shame that ‘red tape’ is allowed to get in the way of such a valuable local amenity. Children learn so much from books and we have so much fun choosing them and the process of borrowing and returning them. Not to mention the fact it’s free! I have waited years for this lift it makes me so upset to see it there and not be able to use it.

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