Bury Knowle toilets get a makeover… and not before time!

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There is good news on the BK toilets front!  We have been asking for these to be upgraded for some time but the money pot was raided for de luxe loos in the City. We finally have confirmation that this will go ahead in the New Year. The block will get new w.c. pans and cisterns, new washer dryers, new flooring, new fittings and fixtures such as toilet roll holders, waste bins etc and all repair issues will be attended to as well. We have also asked for a 24 hour facility and squared this with our neighbourhood police team – at last our shopping centre will have a public toilet open after 5pm!


2 thoughts on “Bury Knowle toilets get a makeover… and not before time!

  1. Neil Hicks says:

    Please ask the powers-that-be to ensure that the “Disabled” loo is fitted with a RADAR key system or it will become a campsite.

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