London Road plan – option for consultation announced


The senior County transport planner who attended the public meeting in December called by Cllr Roz Smith has released more details of the scheme going out for consultation. He writes:

Following the public meeting in December and consideration of the comments made, together with further work on estimating the costs and benefits of the scheme, major changes have been proposed.  The new scheme is cheaper and delivers much greater benefits to buses and other traffic; it also minimises the impact on cyclists and pedestrians and should avoid the loss of any trees.  The changes were considered and approved by Cllr Rose at a recent Transport Strategy meeting.

The major changes are that we now intend to provide inbound bus lane around the outside of the roundabout from the A40 into the A420 London Road as far as a relocated first bus stop.  This would be moved to almost opposite the existing outbound stop, a more convenient location for passengers.  This would allow buses priority up to and including this stop, and would allow non-stopping buses and other traffic to pass stationary buses.  This should reduce the problem of traffic backing up across the roundabout at times during the morning peak.

No further bus lane would be provided so inbound buses would then share the carriageway with other traffic as far as the next stop at Gladstone Road and would then continue via the existing inbound bus lane.  This and the existing outbound bus lane would remain unchanged.

Limited road widening would still be needed, but only for a short distance to the east of Northfield Road.  The shared use footway/cycleway on the north side of London Road would not be adversely affected as the cycleway switches to the service road just east of Northfield Road.

I should stress that this is work in progress and that there will be formal public consultation before it can be given final approval.

If you would like more information (plans available) please contact David or Ruth or County Cllr Roz Smith

There is no promise here of funding to upgrade road or footway surfaces in any other part of the London Road outside the area covered by the scheme.

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