Free bus services H1 and H2 to Old Marston and to Quarry/Sandhills

The County Council has introduced two new bus services that are totally free of charge

The H1 calls at Franklin Road on its way to and from Old Marston

It runs on Wednesdays and Fridays to Headington Shops from Franklin Road at 11.00. The service back again leaves Headington Shops at 12.32 and arrives at Franklin Road at 12.35

The H2 serves Sandhills and Headington Quarry every day from Monday to Friday

It leaves Headington Shops at 11.18, 12.18 and 13.18 and the route goes through Trafford Rd/Pitts Rd, Beaumont Road, Quarry Rd/Weyland Rd, and Stile Road back to the shops again.

There is an extra H1 service that goes to and from Headington Shops from Sandhills each day Monday to Friday: it leaves Sandhills Merewood Avenue at 10.15 and returns at 13.35 (on request)

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