Can you assist the Police with info about attempted burglaries?

On Wednesday night the 28th March a burglar attempted to gain entry to homes in Bickerton Road and Beech Road, Headington, at both locations the home owner disturbed the intruder.

Shortly afterwards in Woodlands Road a patrolling Police officer noticed a security light come on at a property and went to investigate.

He was able to alert the occupiers to the fact their home had been broken into and shortly afterwards Police detained the intruder and an accomplice nearby. Both are now in custody.

If you do see anyone suspicious lurking around your neighbourhood, dial 999, and let the police know, if an officer is in the area he/she can easily check out the situation.

If you have any information which could assist the police with their investigation please contact the Non Emergency number 101 and leave a message for the Oxford Burglary team.

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