Outcome of hearing on 29 Old High Street

The appeal hearing requested by the owner of property at 29 Old High Street took place last Friday. An earlier ruling by the Magistrates Court upheld the Council’s decision to serve a section 215 notice on the owner to ‘tidy up’ the property.

The owner appealed against the decision of the Magistrates Court but the Judge upheld the ruling that the notice should be served. She also ordered the owner to pay £2,000 costs in addition to the £1,600 awarded to the Council in the earlier case. The owner now has  6 months to tidy up the property in the way the Notice sets out.

This comes as a great relief to those living in the neighbourhood of what must have been at one time a most attractive house in the Old Headington conservation area. We hope that the necessary repairs will be effected as soon as possible now that the court case has been resolved.

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